To Achieve Self-Awareness Are Psychic Readings Necessary?

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Recently my best friend got us a virtual session with a psychic. It was part of my birthday present and I was excited. Although I’m not one to dabble in psychics, it was an experience I had wanted to try for some time and had never done.

My best friend on the other hand does have experience and did her due diligence of looking at reviews and researching to figure out who would be the best fit.

Due to the pandemic, we did our session virtually which was interesting but in a way, almost more comfortable. Unlike the way that movies portray them, our psychic had no crystal ball in front of her. Instead, she was in a professional office and it actually felt like more of a therapy session.

We decided to dive in, with each of us taking thirty minutes, and it ended up being an emotional, interesting, and heartfelt experience. Here is what I took away from my thirty minutes with a psychic after going in completely open-minded.

#1. I can make my energy smaller

My friends and significant other know me as outgoing and a bit loud at times. The psychic started off by saying I was shy which I wanted to laugh at but didn’t.

I was a bit nervous as it was a new experience and I wasn’t talking much because I wanted her to talk. A few minutes in she turned her head to the side and said, “you aren’t shy but most people can’t pull their energy in while in certain situations.”

“Some people don’t have the skill to make their energy small but you have the ability to make it small, like close to your skin and it allows you to be more of an observer.”

At times it can feel like I’m spinning out of control but I always manage to hide it on the outside.

#2. I have control over who I let into my life

Growing up there were no boundaries. There was no rhyme or reason to anything. While simultaneously being strict and hypocritical at the same time I grew up feeling very lost by the direction given by my parents.

My mother, for example, hasn’t worked on herself and I believe she has brought trauma into her own life.

The psychic reminded me that I have control over my relationship with my mother. She said that I can choose to set boundaries and that she may follow them but I have complete say over what our relationship looks like moving forward.

She reminded me that I am in charge of what our future looks like and that no one else gets to decide that for me.

#3. My ex healed me from being a rescuer

Without giving a name or details I said that I had been in a relationship that had been very toxic. I asked the psychic what her thoughts were on him and the impact I felt like he left on my life.

Her answer was that I used to believe that love was fixing and that I could “save” my partners. This was someone that had a lot of shame due to a possibly abusive past and ended up being very manipulative. He was a “sad character in my story.”

When I was younger I believed that love could save anyone. I was a fixer that constantly wondered why I seemed to draw in partners who were so emotionally wounded. The psychic said that my ex ended the belief that I could save anyone and that I had him to thank for that.

#4. Stability makes me feel insane sometimes

For most of my life, I didn’t have any stability and whenever things would get better and I began getting used to the feeling of things going well, everything would crash around me. This happened again and again until I believed that stability would always evade me.

The psychic said something that hit very close to home. “If you don’t have challenges you will create them in your life, one way or another.”

I asked her how I could stop. “meditation, finding a place to direct my energy where I am challenged, and even doing something silly like making a bunch of paint bags and going with a friend and throwing them against a wall somewhere.”

The reality is that I can be waiting for a gasket to blow or I can be in charge of what gasket blows.

The point of this story isn’t to tell you that you need to go to a psychic. However, I will say this. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I felt very seen and heard, and it felt like I was walking out of a very good therapy session.

Afterward, my best friend and I reflected on what we had learned. Although she is like my sister there were reveals about her that I didn’t know previously and vice-versa. It was a very vulnerable thing to do with someone and I’m so glad that I did it with her.

My takeaway was that I need to laugh more about the quirks that make me the person I am, and to spend time on the things that make me feel truly alive… and I knew all of that without needing to see a psychic.

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