Empaths Appeal To Narcissistic Manipulators

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A basic explanation of an empath would be to describe an individual that feels what other people feel and is highly in tune with the emotions and feelings of other people.

When it comes to their relationships, an empath often holds the common belief that love can conquer all. They believe that everyone has some good in them and they are going to fight for someone with everything that they have when they fall for them.

This is only one of the many reasons that make an empath extremely attractive to a narcissist. If you are an empath you may realize you keep attracting narcissistic partners and it is because you possess the following qualities that make you irresistible to them.

They can break through your boundaries

Many empaths struggle with cultivating strong and healthy boundaries. Because of this, it’s easier for people to take advantage of their kindness and willingness to help others. Having empathy is a fantastic trait but someone who is extremely empathic may struggle to realize when someone is manipulating them.

If someone isn’t able to identify what is happening around them it’s easier to be confused.

An empath is also more prone to take on the lifestyle of others. This can make an empath more susceptible to doing things they wouldn’t otherwise, such as drugs or other substances. Overall, when an empath hasn’t cultivated strong boundaries it everything much easier for the Narcissist.

They know you will want to save them

You are going to be sympathetic to the stories they fill your head with at the beginning of your relationship. Perhaps they were abused as a child by one or both parents or claim to have been abandoned by everyone that they’ve ever loved.

The manipulator knows that these kinds of stories are going to tug at your heartstrings

They know that your emotions are easier to manipulate than the average person. They also know that even if the relationship begins to completely destroy you, you still won’t leave. Instead of putting yourself first, you will end up giving all of your energy to the energy-sucking Narcissist.

You possess the traits they don’t have

Compassion is something that eludes a Narcissist completely due to their lack of real empathy. This is why they seek out someone who is not only compassionate but will cooperate with their needs and desires.

Your qualities are extremely attractive to them because they simply don’t possess them at all.

If you go along with their lies, they know that eventually, you will do all of the work in the relationship and therefore it will be perceived as more “normal” to the outside work.

They know you will stay

The connection that you felt, in the beginning, was so intense, so perfect, and so out of this world that you don’t want to leave.

You are going to tolerate their manipulation tactics and abusive behavior because you love them and don’t want to “abandon” them.

Staying in this relationship will cost you all of your energy, your light, your happiness, and your sense of self.

This is why you have to create boundaries, realize that you cannot change this person, and walk out of their life.

A narcissist will not be saved by any people, least of all you.
Let. Them. Go.
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