Colorado police officer uses Taser on a 75-year-old man and Body cam shows that he placed his knee on his neck

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Officer uses brute forceThe Denver Post

Newly released body camera footage of the incident shows that there were no warnings issued by the Idaho Springs police officer before he shocked a 75-year-old with a Taser and put his knee on the unconscious man's neck.

According to the man's attorney, Sarah Schiekle, Michael Clark was a 75-year old man living independently at the time of the incident but is now residing in a nursing home facility after suffering health complications following the incident.

Sarah released the body camera footage Thursday after receiving it from the district attorney’s office and stated, "Finally being able to view the videos has been vindicating for this family on some level, since they confirm all that Mr. Clark has said, but, seeing the horrors that they contain, after fighting for so long to get them, has been traumatic in its own right. The tragic, needless abuse of this man in his own home cannot be unseen.”

The officer who used the Taser on Michael, Nicholas Hanning, is facing an assault charge for his actions and was fired from his job on July 13th. Elle Summers, the other officer on the scene is still employed by the Idaho Springs Police Department.

On May 30th the two officers responded to a call at the Idaho Springs apartment from a woman who called 911 saying that her neighbor punched her in the face.

The video displays Elle and Nicholas knocking on Michael's apartment door but they do not announce themselves as the police. They start yelling when Michael opens the door holding a sawtooth sword and Nicholas immediately shoves Michael into a wall. Michael places the sword on top of a bookshelf after the officers told him to put it down. Both officers yell at him to get on the ground his he responds no, and then Michael begins to explain what happened. As Michael tries to speak, Nicholas shoots him in the stomach with a Taser probe and Michael falls backward, immediately unconscious.

Michael is dragged out of his apartment by the officers into the hallway where Nicholas places his knee on Michael's neck for eight seconds while Michael is lying motionless with his face on the ground.

Michael has not been charged with any crime and was also hospitalized due to heart complications and a stroke 36 hours after his arrest.

In a statement through his lawyer Michael says that he wanted the videos released publicly, stating in release, "What the world will see in these videos is not me at my worst, but a police department at their worst. I am a patriot. I love my country. There are a number of good people out there… good police officers. These are not them. People like this should not be police. What they took from me that day, I can’t put into words. I’m going to do whatever it takes with what little time I have left to stop this from happening to anyone else ever again.”


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