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As Denver works prepare to return to the office, burnout is at an all-time high

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Across the United States, many employees are preparing to return to the office. The majority of them have been primarily working remotely during the pandemic to keep themselves and their co-workers safe.

Yet as this is happening a new study that has just been released is showing that Denver worker burnout levels are the highest that they have ever been.

The study which was conducted by 'Robert Half' who is the world's largest staffing firm showcases that there is a large increase in burnout levels compared to this time last year, and the levels are primary considered to be severe.

According to Dr. Justin Ross, a clinical psychologist a UCHealth, "As the last year sort of marched on and the pandemic has continued to be disruptive, these burnout numbers are really affecting our minds and our bodies." Other clinical psychologists are UCHealth agree that the figure is incredibly worrisome.

The data shows that 44% of Denver workers claim they are more burned out now than in June of 2020, which is up by 34%.

Experts are saying that it is extremely important for employees struggling with burnout to try tapping into what is draining them and what can help recharge them. This means being committed to taking care of yourself by setting boundaries around your day job and identifying when you are close to the edge.

Dr. Ross says, "So when you’re saying you’re going to step away from work and you’re saying you’re going to take time off, you have to really do that. You have to get off the technology and really emerge and immerse yourself into a completely different experience."

Along with Denver, other cities such as Detroit and Raleigh are dealing with the exact same 44% worker burnout. The city with the work burnout level is Charlotte which comes in at 55%.

I am curious...

Do you have to return to the office soon or are you able to still work remotely? Are you feeling burnt out, or is your company taking steps to ensure that your mental health is a priority?


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