VP Of Government Affairs Tries To Pass Bill In Colorado Springs To Help The Restaurant Industry Get Back On Their Feet

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The pandemic has hit numerous industries extremely hard, but the hospitality and restaurant industry has been one of the hardest to be affected by the regulations and restrictions across the states.

Here in Colorado, the closure policy was one of the strictest in the country and Colorado restaurants lost $3 billion dollars last year.

Restrictions have begun to be lifted and restaurants are opening but they need a lot of help to get back on their feet. As someone who lives in Colorado Springs, I have been paying close attention to how we can help local restaurants survive.

Rachel Beck, who is the vice president of government affairs at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation, wrote a column for the Gazette on how Colorado Springs restaurants need our help to recover and a bill that could help do just that.

She writes that they joined the Colorado Restaurant Association to ask Governor Jared Polis to suspend certain liquor laws to allow restaurants to serve cocktails to go. The governor issued an executive order for the emergency period and the cocktails-to-go helped bring in much needed revenue and saved many restaurants from going under.

Unfortunately they couldn't all be saved. In Colorado Springs, hospitality businesses closed at a rate of 37% last year. From January 2020 to May 2021, local consumer restaurant and hotel spending decreased by 35%.

That being said, businesses found ways to be creative during the pandemic and Rachel believes that cocktails to go was one of those great ideas. She says that extending to go alcoholic beverages will not make up for all the revenue the restaurants have lost, gives these businesses a fighting chance at survival.

If you are interested in supporting the passage of the alcohol to-go legislation, HB21-1027, you can do so by contacting your legislators today. Find their contact information on the website, www.cscedc.com.

What do you think, should cocktails-to-go become the new normal in the restaurant industry?



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