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The Red Pill Expo Is Taking Place The First Week Of June In Rapid City

Carrie Wynn

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Recently I reached out to one of my close friends that currently resides in Rapid City. I asked him if there were any exciting events happening nearby and my friend sarcastically said that he was pumped for the Red Pill Expo happening on June 5th and 6th.

Even though I knew that my friend was being sarcastic about attending, I immediately began researching the Red Pill Expo. The expo is the biggest public event of Red Pill University. It is part of something called Project Outreach which is "an endeavor by Freedom Force International to create a global coalition in support of individualism over collectivism as the essential cornerstone of liberty and human dignity."

What does that actually mean?

I'm not sure because it's a bunch of filler words that don't seem to tell a real story. It didn't take much research aside from looking through the list of speakers at the event and reading about Red Pill University's mission. The whole point beyond their "mission" is to raise fear around the deep state, vaccines, a rigged banking system,

On their very website, they shed light on 911 and their beliefs around what happened which is that it wasn't a terrorist attack.

"There are four theories to explain the cause of building collapse on 9/11: (1) Fires weakened the steel structure; (2) Controlled demolition severed the support columns with high heat and explosives; (3) A directed-energy weapon destroyed the support columns and just about everything else; and (4) Controlled demolition and directed energy were used together. However, the most important aspect of this issue is not which theory we favor, but that all theories – other than the bizarre theory of fire – lead to the mind-crushing conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job."

If you want to experience conspiracies around seemingly every topic imaginable, this seems like it would be an event for you.

However, considering it's around $450 for the weekend, perhaps it would be better to just watch their videos online.





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