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Mike Lindell Hosted A Rally For His New Social Media App "Frank" At The Corn Palace In Mitchell South Dakota

Carrie Wynn
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One of my best friends lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

His wife has a job there and although they aren't thrilled, they are currently making the most of their new town.

Deciding to visit, last week I drove through the city and open arriving, I was told that we were driving to Mitchell, a town that is about an hour's drive from Sioux Falls, because there was some sort of rally for Mike Lindell's new app. My friends were very bored and their desire to go to the rally stemmed entirely from a morbid curiosity.

When we got to Mitchell, it was apparent that we weren't getting very close to the rally itself because over a thousand people were in attendance, over sixteen hundred to be more precise. We stuck around for a few minutes but couldn't really see/hear anything. After driving back to Sioux Falls I started doing some research about the rally and the man behind the idea, Mike Lindell.

Mike Lindell, who was the founder of MyPillow started the app "Frank" got its name from the term "being frank with someone."

He was most recently in the news for claiming that the 2020 election was fraudulent and that the app was going to be used for free speech and to fight against "cancel culture."

"Frank" was described by Lindell as being a mixture of YouTube and Twitter. According to Lindell the voting results were wrong and Donald Trump should have won by 14 million votes. His goal is "for regular citizens to put significant pressure on the U.S. Supreme Court to look at the evidence" and that if it happens Trump will return to office by the end of this summer.

Recently a leadek Zoom call with Lindell's IT team was leaked on Twitter. It was revealed that the entrepreneur had spent nearly a million dollars on his failed "frank" speech platform.

It's too early to say whether or not things will turn around, but from several friends of mine that actually tried out the platform. Apparently there were a ton of 404 errors, and absolutely no social media component.

Would you try out this social media app, or do you think that it's a waste of time and that it is going to continue to crash and burn?


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