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Crestone Colorado Is A Place To Visit If You Want A Unique Spiritual Experience

Carrie Wynn
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The first time that I heard about Crestone Colorado was on the popular podcast 'Up and Vanished" and after hearing about how strange it sounded, some friends and I decided it was time to pay the town a visit.

Viewed as sacred for thousands of years, Crestone is known as the "New Age Religious Capital of the World." There are more spiritual centers per square food than anywhere else even though the actual population of the town is less than 150 people.

One of the main things that we made sure to see was the Crestone Ziggurat. A Ziggurat is a large structure made out of sun-dried bricks that are meant to be a dwelling place for gods, not mere humans. Luckily Crestone allows it's tourists to visit the Ziggurat where you are able to climb the spiral ramp to the very top and see amazing views. We were even asked to arrange the small rocks at the base as a way to set an intention.

Another strange thing that we heard about but didn't get to see was the Crestone End Of Life Project which is the only place in the United States that offers a non-sectarian community-driven where cremations happens outdoors in a fiery pit.

The city of Crestone has strange stories surrounding it as well, the most recent being the disappearance of Krystal Reisinger in 2016 that was featured on the popular podcast, Up and Vanished. Many of the local residents were interviewed in the podcast and had known Krystal but she has never been seen since living there and the case is still being investigated.

Crestone is a place that I visited primarily because of the podcast featuring it as such a mysterious place. That being said, there is no place quite like it.

What do you think, is it worth paying a visit to this sacred and spiritual place that could be home to things that we can only imagine?


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