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Would You Tour the Haunted House of the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" in Denver Colorado?"

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Most, if not all of us, are very familiar with the story of the Titanic and the people who went down with the ship. But what do you know about Molly Brown, one of the few survivors when went on to live her life as a wealthy and well-traveled woman?

According to folklore, Molly boldly claimed that was unsinkable after safely returning to New York after being rescued by the Carpathia after escaping the shipwreck on one of the lifeboats. From there she returned home to Denver Colorado but she was unable to escape the feeling that something followed her home, and for the rest of her life she expressed guilt that she had survived whereas others had not.

Her home has become recognized as being haunted and it is a place that many visit and claim to feel the energy from spirits all throughout the numerous corridors and winding staircases.

Over the years museum employees, guides and tourists have claimed to smell the smoke of a pipe around the home at odd times. This is interesting because it was said that Molly's husband always loved smoking his pipe.

Employees have also have seen light bulbs suddenly become undone. They claim to have seen the spirit of a woman who appears to be Molly wearing a Victorian dress occasionally rearranging the furniture in her home.

Today you are able to tour the Molly Brown House which is considered to be a museum and historical landmark. A few years ago I was able to tour the Molly brown house. When asking the tour guide about ghosts she paused and answered that she had no idea about the house being haunted.

Do you want to take a tour of the Molly Brown house? Do you think that it's employees are covering up the the possibility that the house is haunted?

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