Donald Trump Is The King Of Gaslighting

Carrie Wynn

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My heart is heavy after the events that transpired earlier this week. Concentrating is almost impossible as I reflect on the images that were captured at our nation’s capital.

Yet there is one primary thought that keeps going through my mind over and over, which is at the heart of everything.

Donald Trump is very careful with his words.

We can say that we know what he meant in the undertone of his language. We can say that his reputation proceeds him, or show examples of decades of history that suggest he is racist at his core but there are so many more layers to why he is so convincing to his followers.

Donald Trump isn’t a charmer and he doesn’t capture power through use of words in the sense that they are articulate and well planned. He captures power through words by simply being the loudest and berating people into submission with his words.

At a certain point a narcissist no longer has the mental capacity to accept anything outside of their own reality. I believe that Trump has reached a point where his fallacies are no longer a “lie” in his brain, instead they have become truth.

Since the election in November Trump has claimed that there was voter fraud. Regardless of the evidence presented, the judges, the courts, all of it is wrong. Because of his words, now more than 50% of Republicans hold the same belief.

I believe that Trump is on the highest end of the narcissistic spectrum.

I also believe that he has successfully gaslighted millions of people and that the effect of his four years as the American President is just starting to take hold of our country.

For these past four years, I have been privy to the conversations of numerous Trump supporters. Some of them are my family. Some of them are my co-workers. One was my ex-boyfriend.

In those four years, I have noticed a common theme.

No matter what evidence they are presented with, Trump can do no wrong. He has even stated out loud without a second thought, saying he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and not lose his supporters.

Before he became our nation’s leader, when his infamous “Grab her by the *****” line came out for the world to hear, it was considered locker room talk. When twenty-six women accused Trump of sexual assault there were no charges brought to fruition and they were silenced.

I could go on and on and on, but all I know is this. Trump’s supporters believe him. They truly believe that he is not racist. They believe that he has created the greatest economy ever.

They believe him so deeply that they have replaced the American flag with a flag donning his name instead.

He is their leader and he has gaslighted them into truly believing that he is their savior even though his actions show the opposite.

For several years I have written about narcissism and helped victims of psychological abuse.

Many of my clients were in relationships with narcissists who truly embodied all of the traits Donald Trump displays for the world to see. They believe that they are a savior to whoever has the pleasure of meeting them. They gaslight their victims until their reality is the only one that remains. Then, they use their victims to achieve whatever means necessary, although they do not care about them whatsoever.

In the end, it is all a way for them to gain power, be in control, and live out their idea of grandeur in any way possible. Most of these narcissists only get to live out those fantasies in a series of relationships.

Donald Trump has been able to live out his narcissistic fantasy of gaining ultimate power by gaslighting millions of people into believing his lies.

I fear for our country. I fear for the future that lies ahead for us and our children if we allow this behavior to continue unchecked and without consequences.

We have underestimated the power of words… when they have the power to bring down an entire nation.

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