Tom Felton Was Accused Of Grooming an Underage Girl And She Admitted It Was A Complete Lie

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Over the last couple of months, Tiktok has been going crazy over Tom Felton who famously played the character of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series.

Initially, this craze started out as fans making using clips of Draco from the movies and putting their own creative spin on it. Many creators have taken it to the next level and have been able to edit the videos to make it look like they are in the clips with Draco themselves.

#DracoTok took on a life of its own… and by a life of its own, the hashtag now has almost four billion views.

Tom Felton didn’t know about the madness at first, but when he found out he was flattered and decided that he might as well join in on the fun.

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Fans were absolutely thrilled when Tom began responding to some of their videos on his Tiktok page. Not only did he began responding but Tom began duetting videos which made many longtime fans rejoice, and even challenging them to give them their best Draco impressions.

This was bringing joy to Tom and fans alike in a year that has been quite devoid of joy.

Everything was unproblematic until earlier this week when Tom was accused of grooming a girl that was under the age of eighteen.

Fans were disgusted and horrified by the news, some immediately turning against Tom and tweeting out that he was canceled.

The truth is that Tom wasn’t grooming a girl and it didn’t take long at all for it to come to light.

Not only was it identified that the photos had been completely photoshopped and fabricated (and badly so) but the girl herself admitted that she had lied about the entire thing.

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This entire situation was horrific in every single way possible. Not only was someone innocent brought into the fold and immediately almost canceled, but Tom Felton has also been waging a battle against mental illness. Last year he worried fans when he posted saying that he was giving up and was met with an outpouring of love and support.

What is terrifying to me was the fact that instead of taking a moment to look at the evidence, some people immediately believed it without taking a moment to examine her photos which were so obviously fabricated, or allowing Tom to provide his side of the story.

As fans continue to come out in support of Tom Felton, it is indeed worrying to see such a large part of the community fall victim to the vicious lure of rumor-mongering. That, too, in today’s age, where mental health issues are of prime importance.” -Sportskeeda

I could share a million of the tweets about this with you but in my opinion the one below summons the situation in the most sufficient way.

Ian Cheong’s words ring entirely true. This girl not only damaged Tom Felton and within minutes almost had him canceled, but she did huge damage to real victims who may now fear coming forward with their stories.

Sexual assault is real, and statistics have shown that there are almost no instances of a woman giving false allegations… but instances like this are so damaging to our movement.

The question is… how do we manage this? Of course, we want to immediately believe the victim but we also have to take accusations like this seriously and hold every single party accountable.

I don’t know why this girl would make something like this up but as it is shown in the screenshot above, she didn’t seem to realize how devastating her words and actions had been. She didn’t explain what had driven her to make such “a joke” and her account has been deleted since.

Sexual assault is not a joke. It is not a joke for the victims. It is not a joke for those who are falsely accused and taking the subject lightly can ruin the lives of everyone involved.

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