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North Caldwell Police Chief Mark Deuer Tracks Suspected Car Burglars to Route 280 East Towards Newark Sunday Morning

Carolyne Volpe Curley / West Essex Now
North Caldwell Police DepartmentCarolyne Volpe Curley

Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021

Mountain Avenue, North Caldwell

  • North Caldwell resident reported to police an attempted car theft which occurred on Mountain Avenue near Meadow Lane
  • Police met with the resident and determined that they witnessed 2 black males entering the resident's car parked in their driveway


  • An alert went out to West Essex area Police who quickly responded to assist North Caldwell patrols units


  • North Caldwell believed the suspect car to be a black 7-series BMW sedan


  • North Caldwell Police Chief Mark Deuer stationed himself on Elm Road and waited for the BMW to approach
Route taken by Suspected Car Burglars on Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021Google Maps

Elm Road, North Caldwell

  • As Deuer witnessed the car traveling at a high rate of speed on Elm going past the White Rock Road Exxon, he started pursuing the car and attempted to have the driver pull over.

Bloomfield Avenue, Verona

  • Deuer was behind the sedan on Bloomfield Avenue at Fairview Avenue, Verona, as the vehicle continued to speed and the driver ignored sirens directing him to stop

Bloomfield Avenue, Verona

  • Other patrol units joined the pursuit as the sedan approached the former Annin Flag Company on Bloomfield Avenue in Verona
  • The driver continued speeding as he turned right onto Prospect Avenue, ignoring multiple sirens to stop his car

Prospect Avenue, West Orange

  • As the sedan passed the Manor on Prospect Avenue in West Orange, all police units were called off from any pursuit. The Chief of Police, however, kept tracking the suspects.
  • Sunday morning traffic is always heavy on Pompton, and the driver was forced to slow as the sedan endeavored to break through the congestion; at that point, Deuer requested an alert go out to West Orange Police
  • Deuer requested West Orange Police station at Eagle Rock Avenue; it's not clear if they ever received the information

Prospect Avenue, West Orange

  • Deuer tracked the car as it entered the ramp for Route 280 East in West Orange; he noted the driver was a black male wearing a black hoodie and a light blue face mask
  • North Caldwell Police confirmed the description matches a person who was witnessed at the Mountain Avenue incident minutes earlier

Route 280 East, West Orange

  • At this point, the Chief has turned off his sirens and continued at a normal rate of speed as he traveled behind the sedan on Route 280 East, passing Exit 9 Mount Pleasant Avenue in West Orange

Route 280 East, East Orange

  • Deuer suggested an alert go out to Newark Police as he continued to track the sedan which was traveling at 60mph and approaching Exit 12 Oraton/Garden State Parkway in East Orange
  • Apparently, as he was just then realizing he was being followed, the driver took the exit and accelerated to a high rate of speed out of the view of Deuer.
"I still have it in front of me...He just spotted me, high rate of speed onto Exit 12" ~ North Caldwell Police Chief Mark Deuer

Chestnut Hill Road, North Caldwell, NJGoogle Maps

Saturday, Sept. 17
Chestnut Hill Road, North Caldwell

  • Yesterday afternoon at 4:10pm, a North Caldwell resident reported to police that 2 persons were attempting to break into the resident's garage located on Chestnut Hill Road near Brentwood Drive
  • The suspect information was limited: 2 persons wearing black hoodies that had gotten out of a black SUV with tinted windows


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North Caldwell Police Department
Mark A. Deuer, Police Chief
136 Gould Avenue, North Caldwell, NJ 07006

“The Borough of North Caldwell Police Department is committed to the pursuit of an ethos reflecting the highest degree of ethical, moral, and fairly applied law enforcement. The Police Department shall Preserve the peace, protect life and property, detect, arrest and prosecute offenders of the laws of New Jersey and the ordinances of the Borough of North Caldwell, direct and control traffic, provide attendance and protection during emergencies, provide appearances in court, cooperate with all other law enforcement agencies, and, provide training for the efficiency of its members and employees.”

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