Is solo travel in a post-covid world going to be lonely?

Caroline Cunningham

If you’ve never done solo travel, you might think, “Isn’t the whole point of going alone to be alone?” Nope - far from it. As a solo traveler myself, I can tell you I’ve met much more people while traveling alone than with a partner. 

Hostels, food markets, tours...there are so many opportunities to meet others like yourself exploring the world, and when traveling alone you’re often much more likely to put yourself out there.

I have met so many friends this way. But now I’m left to wonder, will my solo travel adventures be lonely moving forward?

In a pandemic world where we have to keep our distance from others and shared spaces are potentially dangerous, how will the solo traveler meet friends? Yes, the vaccine is rolling out but things are unlikely to just jump back to normal.

I gave this some thought and at first I was discouraged by the idea of a completely isolated adventure. Sure, that’s a deep experience for a while, but as a long term traveler that could get really lonely. 

This is where I think technology and social media comes in.

In a blog post I wrote in the past, How to Meet People When Traveling Alone, I listed 8 ways to meet friends as a solo traveler. While I used to lean on the more organic/in-person ways, I think it’s time to rely on the internet options to meet others.

By meeting people online I can talk to them first, get a feel for who they are (and where they’ve been) and set clear boundaries about my covid precautions before we even interact in-person.

To do this, I’ll be turning to Facebook Groups, meet-up apps, and social media. 

Some of my favorite Facebook Groups are Girls LOVE Travel and The Solo Female Travel Network; and some awesome meet-up apps are Bumble BFF, Tourlina, and

Then there’s social media. By sharing a lot about solo travel (especially on Tik Tok and Instagram), I’ve met other girls online who love to travel too and when it’s safe we want to meet up in another country. 

You can do this too by looking through hashtags and travel content and reaching out to others who seem interested in travel (I’m a DM away!).

We may have just gone through the most isolated year of our lives, but once it’s safe for you to travel again solo travel doesn't need to fall into that category too.

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