Why you should backpack the world at least once in your life

Caroline Cunningham


Travel backpacking means exploring multiple countries at a really low cost, living minimally out of a backpack with the goal to see as much of the world as possible. Sounds kind of crazy, right?? One could say it’s a trip of a lifetime.

In 2019 I backpacked through 7 countries in Asia and it definitely lived up to that statement. Except I loved it so much that I plan to have a few more of those experiences in my life after COVID.

For now, I’ll spend my time convincing others that they must backpack through the world at least once in their life, and here’s why:

1. It’s a cheap way to travel and affordable if you can save your money.

Yes you’ll have to save money, but compared to typical vacationing, backpacking is a low-cost way to travel which means it is more accessible to people. It means that you don’t have to be uber rich to see the world!

2. Cheap travel means you can travel for longer.

Keeping travel costs low, typical of backpacking, means that your money can stretch and you can explore for longer. The price of backpacking for a month is often equivalent or cheaper to that of a week of vacationing.

3. You’ll have the opportunity to check many destinations off you bucketlist in one trip.

Backpacking for long periods of time allows you the opportunity to see many places. Many people see more of the world during one backpacking trip than most do in their entire life.

4. It can be a more authentic travel experience.

Traveling in low cost ways means you are more likely to have authentic experiences like taking local transport, eating street food, maybe even traveling slower and getting to know locals. Because of this, you learn so much about the country in which you are visiting and it creates a deeper experience.

5. Travel backpacking is easier than ever to do with technological advancements and growing popularity.

Travel backpacking used to be only done by super hippie people who had to hitchhike, use maps and knock on doors to find a place to stay. Now we are SO spoiled. With smartphones there’s literally an app for everything from booking hostels to getting a taxi without having to even speak to the driver.

6. Backpacking through the world will have a huge impact on you, your mindset, and future perspective through the rest of your life.

There’s no doubt about it, backpacking will change you no matter how you go about your trip. It could be a spiritual journey, a reset from life, a source of inspiration in your career, a journey of self-growth, an opportunity to network with people around the world, a push out of your comfort zone, whatever! Everyone’s experience is different, but from every experience you will grow.

7. It might be the most adventurous thing you do in your life!

Majority of people dream of travel but never actually go for it or don’t have the privilege to. By going you will be accomplishing something truly amazing. You’ll be in situations you might not ever have imagined and pushed out of your comfort zone constantly.

Backpacking the world will truly be one of the most amazing the experiences of your lifetime.

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