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Do you have a nightly wine habit that you'd like to take a break from? Or maybe you'd just like a refreshing beverage that isn't alcohol to pair with your meal. Leave it to a critically acclaimed wine writer to create a fantastic beverage that still has the complexity of a bold glass of wine but without the calories, sugar, or alcohol content. Read on for a decadent alcohol-free ritual from Jukes Cordialities.

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What is Jukes?

Jukes Cordialities was created by Matthew Jukes in London in 2020 after he discovered a hole in the alcohol-free marketplace. Mainly he noticed that it either didn't taste good or was loaded with sugar to compensate for the lack of alcohol. Jukes Cordialities are crafted with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar giving them the same semblance of a glass of wine that evolves depending on oxygen levels, grapes used, etc. Jukes 1 is known as "the White" with a citrus and herb theme, while Jukes 6 is "the Red" with rich notes of blackcurrant and pepper. Lastly, there is also Jukes 8, which mimics a "Rosé" and features a layering of fruits, vegetables, and spices from the Provençal countryside.

Jukes CordialitiesPhoto Credit: Jukes Cordialities

How the Juke does this work?

The original Jukes product is a small, concentrated bottle that can be poured into still, sparking, or tonic water. Each fluid-ounce bottle is a carefully curated mix of selected fruits, vegetables, spices, and apple cider vinegar and is meant to be split between two portions. The taste is in your hands, though, and you'll quickly find that you might prefer still to sparkling water or perhaps need more than half a bottle to recreate that spicy, bold red drink you're lusting after.

If you'd rather not be your own mixologist, you can trust the Ready to Pour Sparkling Collection, which are premixed bottles or cans (cans only available in the U.K. as this time).

Sparkling Ready to Pour CollectionPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

This is How I Juke it

While the Sparkling Ready to Pour offers a quick, refreshing drink in a pinch, I prefer the taste of a Jukes 1 oz in still water. My favorite flavor is currently Jukes 8, "The Rosé", but with additional blends like Jukes 2 and Jukes 5 in the works, you'll have to ask me again when they're released in the U.S.

The Cordialities Commitment to Sustainability

If you haven't noticed, the packaging is gorgeous, and all the bottles and cans are recyclable. The beverage itself is also made from all-natural ingredients that are cut and crafted by hand. Lastly, any by-products like husks and skins are recycled back into the local farming system.

Cost of Jukes Cordialities and Where to Purchase

A Box of Jukes Cordialities contains 9 1oz bottles, equivalent to 18 servings. You can purchase directly from their website for $55 and use a 10% off code if it's your first purchase. The Sparkling Collection retails for $140 per case and contains four bottles of each varietal, which is equivalent to 36 servings. The line is also available at Boisson and Spirited Away in New York City, as well as the Better Rhodes online marketplace ($49.99).

Sample Box of 9 BottlesPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

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