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The 13 Best Pizzas in Los Angeles right now

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Nothing goes better with a pandemic than a good pizza pie! So I had a chance to try a lot of them. Here are some of my favorite spots to get the best pizza in Los Angeles right now, all over the city!

The Primo Pizza - Prime Pizza (Various)

Prime Pizza is taking up some prime real estate in Los Angeles with locations in Fairfax, Burbank, Little Tokyo, and more. Both square and round pies of this New York style pizza are available including four gluten-free square options. Prime Pizza is your primo choice if you're looking for delivery of a pizza that the kids will love with a slightly elevated taste that satisfies the adults too. Whole pie prices range from $22 to $28 and by the slice is also available on select pizzas.

Grandma Style PizzaPhoto Credit: Prime Pizza

The Sourdough Starter - Full Proof Pizza (Culver City)

Full Proof Pizza is the newest creation by the famed Lodge Bread Company. Or Amsalama and Alexander Phaneuf have brought their Whole-Grain Sourdough over to pizza to create a fairly healthy tasting New York Style Pie. Menu must-haves include The Spicy Sausage with Calabrian chilies and kale ($27), as well as The Margherita ($25) if you want an instant classic everyone will love. Pies are available in either 12 or 18 inches.

The best part about Full Proof Pizza? It's the only pizza place I know of where you can be chowing down at 8 a.m.! Although technically, the pizza side opens up after the bakery closes at 5 p.m., you can still come in for a pie anytime that Lodge Bread Company is baking.

The Margherita and MushroomPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

The Anytime Pie - Tomato Pie (Silverlake, South Pas., Silverlake

Tomato Pie is my go-to anytime pie when you want a classic New York Style Pizza with a streamlined ordering process. If it's your first time, go with the Grandma: which is the original Margherita with whole peeled tomato, garlic, basil, mozzarella cheese, and their pecorino romano crust ($19.50). You can always get just a slice of something crazier on the side, like the Notorious SMG with sausage, mushroom, and garlic. Lastly, as the name implies, they make a good Tomato Pie, a square-pan, homestyle pizza with marinara sauce, romano cheese, parsley, and olive oil ($20.25).

Grandma Tomato PiePhoto Credit: Tomato Pie

The L.A.-Style Pizza - PI L.A. (DTLA)

So what is L.A.-Style Pizza? Chef Fred Eric (Fred 62) believes he has it at PI L.A., where he's crafted a lighter version of Detroit-style pizza with special dashi-infused dough, and topped it with bright ingredients that represent all the beautiful people that make up Los Angeles. Personal favorites include the Impala LowRider with mole chicken, pumpkin, and Oaxaca melting cheese and the Love Bug with potato gratin and truffle gruyere. Be on the lookout for rotating collaboration pizzas with other chefs as well that rotate almost monthly. Prices average about $5.50 a slice to $20 for a whole "Pi".

The Love BugPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

The Not Pizza but Pinsa - Oste (Beverly Grove)

If you're craving a Roman-style pizza but looking for something healthier, then look no further than Pinsa from newcomer Oste on West 3rd street.

The 2000-year-old Roman-style pizza recipe is made with a blend of flours instead of wheat. That means it has 48% less sugar, 85% less fat, and 33% fewer calories!

Must have's include the Margherita made with San Marzano tomato sauce, fior di latte, basil, and olive oil ($14); the Prosciutto with mozzarella, prosciutto san daniele, stracciatella, arugula, and truffle oil ($22); and for a kick throw in a Rapini with mozzarella, ricotta, broccolini rabe, nduja, and chile flakes ($17).

You can't go wrong with any of the 12 choices! Next time I'm there, the Marinara E Boquerones with San Marzano tomato sauce, Boquerones white anchovies, and garlic olive oil has got my name all over it ($16).

PinsaPhoto Credit: Oste

The Brooklyn Transplant -Roberta's Pizza (Culver City)

Anytime I'm on the westside of Los Angeles, I find a way to make a pick-up order at Roberta's Pizza at the Platform in Culver City. Originally from Brooklyn, this pizzeria began as just a pop-up, but it's so good that we couldn't let it go.

The crust is light and thin but not crispy, so you'll want to eat it in the car as soon as you pick it up or reheat it on the stove once you're home. You might be tempted to start with their Famous Original with mozzarella, caciocavalla, and oregano ($20). Still, I would go with the Bee Sting made with tomato, soppressata, mozzarella, chili, and honey instead ($21).

The Bee StingPhoto Credit: Roberta's Pizza

The Manhattan Transplant - Prince Street Pizza (WeHo)

Prince Street Pizza is known for The Original Soho Square pizza, and the one to order is The Spicy Spring with Fra Diavolo sauce, mozzarella, spicy pepperoni, and romano cheese ($37.50). The crust is thick and sweet, and the sauce is similar to what you find on pasta. They also offer Sicilian Round-style pizzas, but a lot of other places do it better.

The Spicy SpringPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

The Holy Mole - Brooklyn Ave Pizza Co. (Boyle Heights)

Don't let the Brooklyn Ave. name fool you, this neighborhood pizza spot is all Los Angeles. The name comes from its location on Cesar Chavez Boulevard, formerly known as Brooklyn Avenue. Go to Brooklyn Avenue Pizza Company for the Mole Pizza made with queso Oaxaca, curtido, crema, and mozzarella ($16). They also do a mean pepperoni known as the OG ($14).

Mole PizzaPhoto Credit: Brooklyn Avenue Pizza Co.

The Pizza with Weight -Triple Beam Pizza (Highland/Echo Park)

Enjoy your pizza by the ounce when you order from Chef Nancy Silverton's Triple Beam Pizza in Highland Park. Pre-pandemic, you could order at the walk-up window on the spot, but now you order ahead on their website. They'd also like you to consider larger portion recommendations like a Whole Pizza at 16"x10" for 3 to 4 people.

At those weigh-ins, a whole Pepperoni with mozzarella and oregano will set you back $21.50, and an Acorn Squash with cacio di Roma cheese and honey crushed red pepper is $23.00.

Triple Beam PizzaPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

The Classic Neapolitan - L' Antica Pizzeria Da Michele (Hollywood)

It doesn't get much better than the oldest pizza in Naples. L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele goes way beyond the Margherita ($20). But no matter how much they have on the menu, I can't not order at least one. Brunch-style pizzas include the Porchetta and Eggs with broccolini and sunny side up eggs ($28). Visit during dinner for heavy hitters like the Capricciosa with artichoke, mushroom, black olive, and ham ($30).

Porchetta and Eggs PizzaPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

The Least Authentic Detroit-Style Pizza - Quarter Sheets Pizza Club (Echo Park)

I can't say enough good things about this pizza pop-up that has claimed a permanent place in the stomachs of hungry Angelenos. The menu features a classic Red Top pizza ($25) and a rotating specialty pie like the Jewel City with ricotta, mozzarella, basil, Bill’s Bees Honey, and Sambal Goreng from Bungkus Bagus ($38). Don’t skip on dessert here either; the Dark Chocolate Cream Pie ($10) and Quarter Sheet Cake ($12) regularly sell out on the baker’s website (Hannah Ziskin).

After two years of serving pizza from their home in Glendale, the Quarter Sheets Team has opened their brick and mortar in Echo Park at 1305 Portia Street. Visit them ASAP!

The Jewel CityPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

The Side Hustle - Side Pie (Altadena)

The creators of Side Pie opened their brick-and-mortar take-out only location following a pandemic side-hustle that just blew up! They are open Thursday through Sunday from 4 to 9 p.m. and have a website for easy ordering.

The pies to try are The Altadena made with Bianco DiNapoli Organic Tomatoes, basil, Ezzo Pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, ricotta, and garlic ($24); and anything on special as flavors change often.

The AltadenaPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

The Most Classic Pizza in L.A. - Pizzeria Mozza (Hollywood)

Pizzeria Mozza from Chef Nancy Silverton and restauranteur Joe Bastianich has been L.A.'s most quintessential pizza since 2006, and the reservations keep on coming. It's the perfect blend of Italian meets Los Angeles featuring local ingredients and a superb crust from the Chef that got this skinny city eating bread again during her La Brea Bakery days. If you are entertaining out-of-town guests this is a must-visit for a simple Margherita Pizza ($22), a specialty Honeycut Squash Pizza ($23), and what is probably one of this city's most well-known desserts - the Butterscotch Budino ($10).

Upside down Mozza PizzasPhoto Credit: EatDrinkLA

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