MuddyUm Publications Announces Publication on Amazon of "Wouldn't You Rather Be Laughing?" an Anthology of Humor

Carol Lennox
Ant asking Wouldn't You Rather Be Laughing?artwork by Stephanie Wilson.

MuddyUm, the premiere comedy and humor magazine on, and the Garden of Neuro Institute Inc., collaborated on the anthology “Wouldn’t You Rather Be Laughing?”

On October 24, 2022, MuddyUm's comedy anthology book was published on Amazon.

Pre-launched on October 9, 2022, "Wouldn't You Rather Be Laughing?" is number one in Amazon downloads during pre-launch week across multiple categories, including Satire, Satire Fiction, Humor Writing and 2 Hour Fiction. To date, the book has a consistent five star rating.

MuddyUm, the premiere comedy and humor magazine on, and the Garden of Neuro Institute Inc., collaborated on the anthology “Wouldn’t You Rather Be Laughing?”

This is how the end of the world as we know it brought about a humor anthology

The idea was born in a MuddyUm editors’ meeting. The editors were lamenting the state of the world, the effects of the pandemic, wars, pestilence, and the apparent certainty of new epidemics. They wanted a way to impact and infect a broader audience with their humor.

The editors believe laughter — if it doesn’t cure — definitely helps.

Fifteen editors contributed their best articles, based on audience response, comments, and applause or “claps” in jargon.

The work ranges from stories about eating frogs in order to increase productivity, to why to wear clean underwear, from dolphin anatomy, to teaching sons about women. It covers the connection between Grandfather Iron Jaw’s sex tips and someone’s — let’s call him Quasimodo even though his name is actually “Paul” — pelvic floor.

Here are the chapters and authors:

  • Why We Live in a World Dominated by Men — by Anu Anniah
  • Ladies, Get Yours Today — by Nanci Arvizu
  • New Study Shows Negative Correlation Between Eating Frogs and Productivity — by Susan Brearley
  • How to Blow Your Nose into Dirty Underwear — by Gary Chapin, aka Granny Mary
  • I Explain to a GenZer That There Were Once Only Three TV Networks — by Betsy Denson
  • Sex Education Tip — Keep Your Knees Together and Wear Clean Underwear — by Toni Crowe
  • My Unfavorite Things — by Holly J See
  • All Things Must Collapse — by Paul Hossfield aka BOFace
  • Marine Scientists Discover That the Dolphin Clitoris Provides Pleasure — by Carol Lennox
  • Please Accept My Friend Request So I Can Make You Regret It — by Sarah Paris
  • I Left My Face Print On The Movie Theater And It Remained There For Five Years — by Sara Zadrima
  • I’m Teaching My 12-Year-Old Son About Women — by Amy Sea aka Amy Culberg
  • Science Abandons Red Counties — by Andrew Rodwin
  • On Learning to Speak American — by Lucia Siochi
  • My Neighbor Saw My Bare Butt — by Rachel Ann Sand

5-star Amazon reviews include these quotes:

Kim Carter — reviewed in the U.S. on October 17, 2022

“There’s no medicine quite so effective as a good belly laugh and this little gem will give you plenty of those!”

Steph from Virginia — reviewed in the U.S. on October 13, 2022

“I loved this book. There is so much variety here and written by such a talented bunch of humorists. There is something for everyone. In my opinion, the whole thing is broadly appealing. There is an entertaining satire on invention, delightful etymological humor, brilliant science satire, and several memoir pieces which are as dear as they are funny.”

Janie Emaus — reviewed in the U.S. on October 15, 2022

“In this collection of hilarious essays, there is something for everyone. It’s exactly what the world needs. My only complaint — it’s too short! This book is a must read for anyone who likes to laugh. And who doesn’t?”

Barbara — reviewed in Canada October 15, 2022

Warning: Will Cause Laughter

“In the words of dear old dead Granny Mary, “This anthology is good. Very good.” This book is not only a collection of 15 hilarious stories, it is a prescription for laughter and the best part is, you can self-prescribe it! Side effects may include mood enhancement, reduced stress, watery eyes, side stitches, rolling on floor, sore jaw/cheeks/stomach, and/or peeing your pants. You’ve been warned.”

Ashwin — reviewed in India on October 13, 2022

Lolly lol: This book should be made part of college curriculum.

“In fact, it could be the entire curriculum. It contains:
Practical advice — don’t you want to know an ancient way to blow your nose
Business strategies — involving frogs
Sociology — how men are at the beginning of everything
Zoology — dolphin sex et al.
And a very important lesson in linguistics — Once you read chapter 12, my favorite, you may have to eliminate a certain english phrase from your life.”

The book is funny, if I do say so myself. I'm an Austin, TX writer with a chapter in this book. The other 14 chapters are equally funny. They are all in different humor genres, and there really is something for everyone.

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