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Texas Is Only 31st in States That Adopt the Most Dogs Per Capita

Carol Lennox
Bonnie, my rescue Schnauzer.Photo by author Carol Lennox.

Austin, TX is a doggie city. Not dog-eat-dog, although you might question that during rush hour. Austin really loves our dogs.

We can take them to most restaurants with outside dining. We take them with us to hear outdoor music. Bars sponsor Woofy Hours. We have a no-kill animal shelter, Austin Pets Alive. They have a unit who works with difficult dogs, training them to interact well with humans. Those dogs, when ready, are placed for free. Austin Pets Alive is having a "Pick Your Price" adoption event on August 27 and 28 for all other animals in the shelter.

We have a plethora of dog trainers, including one of the most acclaimed, K911. and a maximum of dog parks. Many are on Lady Bird Lake, and dogs are welcome to take a swim.

Speaking of maximum, the favorite dog name in Texas is Max. It's also the most popular dog name in the United States. I don't currently know a dog named Max, while I do know a Molly, Raven, Bella, Luna, and Chula. It seems I know only girl dogs. How did that happen? My own Snazzy died a couple of years ago. I've never known another dog named Snazzy. Have you?

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular adopted dog nationwide at 72%.Chihuahuas come in second. That's an interesting breed span. In Texas Chihuahuas come in first and Labrador retrievers are second, followed by mutt, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds. Except for those Chihuahuas, we're a big dog state, which is what you would expect from Texas.

Even with Austin leading the pack with welcoming, adopting, and caring for dogs, apparently the rest of the population of the state of Texas isn't doing their job in adopting dogs. It's a big state with a large population. We shouldn't be lagging behind in the pet adoption race. Being 31st in adoptions is an embarrassment. Especially to those of us in Austin, TX who consider our dogs family.

New Hampshire came in number one per capita for dog adoptions. Mississippi came in last. The study looked at number of adoptions pre and post pandemic. Adoptions have increased during the pandemic. Which makes sense as dogs are known for providing companionship.

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