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My Son is Moonlair360, and He Has Over 85 Times the Followers I Have. Did I Win at Parenting?

Carol Lennox

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I have a tattoo on my arm that says, “I told Blake,” is a not-so-subtle way to say to my son, “I told you so,” 24/7, without having to actually say it.

I don’t get to say it out loud to him often, now that he’s 6'5" with long turquoise hair and lives in Los Angeles, a few thousand miles away.

Recently, I had the opportunity to say it, but I refrained. His car was impounded by the LAPD while he was here helping me after I broke both ankles. Apparently the LAPD is notorious for impounding cars. Like they have nothing better to do.

His car registration was out because it was a huge hassle to register it in California since it was originally registered in Texas. He loaned it to his friend to drive while he was here with me. It will cost him over $1,500 to get it out of the impound and registered. I did text him that registering it on time would only have cost $63.

I can already hear all the parents reading this and saying,

“Tell him ‘I told you so’ about registering his car!”

“Tell him to get a real job.”

“And while he’s at it, get a haircut.”

Here’s the deal, though. Content Creator is a job. His real job. And the hair is part of it. Plus, I love his hair.

Believe me, I’ve heard it all before. When I cashed out some stocks to take him to the Michael Jordan Basketball Camps, my stockbroker asked, “Carol, what will you do for retirement?”

I answered, “He IS my investment in my retirement.” Which, by the way, my son completely understands. He even agrees.

He’s a Content Creator who plans to take care of us both.

Yes, I can now feel the worry on my behalf from all the rest of you. Especially if you, too, are a writer. many of you are also Content Creators, barely scraping by or doing pretty well having worked years to get where you are.

I hear you groaning quietly to yourselves, or frantically yelling, “NO!” at your phone or desktop.

Here’s what’s up, though. These “kids” live in a different world. Content Creation for them, especially in L.A., can mean thousands to even millions of dollars in sponsorships. He already has two sponsorships from his Tik Tok. He’s been on Tik Tok for all of seven months. He has been videoing himself doing comedy since he was a child, and on YouTube for years.

Sponsors and brands rent mansions for them to use for content creation. They live free in the mansions as long as their following grows or they bring other Content Creators in to film and make art and music. He lives in and manages a Content House now, a mansion in Hollywood. He also spent a week in one as a Content Creator on the beach at Malibu. It’s not exactly a stable life, but it’s not a bad life if you can live it.

Some of his fellow Content Creators are teens who have become wealthy on the platform.

He is teaching one how to apply for a credit card and open a bank account. The kid is teaching him how to get to a million followers on Tik Tok.

My son, I mean Moonlair360, is currently at 271,000 followers there. He’s putting my current following of 2,000 on NewsBreak in the shade.

Even so, does it sound like pie in the sky thinking on my part that he’ll help support me someday? I’m sure it does. After all, the investment in the Michael Jordan basketball camps didn’t lead to an NBA contract. Basketball did get him through college, though. With a degree he can always use, he’ll still be able to support me one day if I need it.

And for now? You can stop worrying. He let me know he won’t need my help.

He’s cashing in some of his cryptocurrency to pay to get his car registered and out of impound. His car is highly unlikely to get towed from the mansion/Content House where he now lives.

We can scoff at cryptocurrency and Tik Tok like our parents scoffed at rock and roll, contract labor and entrepreneurship, but we can’t say, “I told you so.” Not when they, our kids, can leverage both.

I’d so like to be able to at least say, “I told you so,” about not getting his car registered on time. Except I’ve made that mistake in the past, and was just lucky all I ever got was tickets. Yes, plural.

Believe in your kids. Let them know you believe in them. They will make you proud. Just keep "I told you so" to yourself. They already know.

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