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Buc-ee's is on my travel itinerary

Carol Durant
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Everyday we use convenience stores to purchase gas, food, air etc. Most are local to your geographic area and traverse the state where you reside. Other convenience stores are national chains with locations in forty-eight or all fifty states. I have local and national stores that I patronize and my new favorite is Buc-ee's!

My first Buc-ee's experience was overwhelming. I did notice that no tractor trailers were allowed and the gas pumps were very wide and clean. Plenty of signs to walk and pick up after your dog. An extraordinary amount of ice machines with two different bag sizes for purchase. Lots of wood to purchase for the hardy outdoor camper. I had no knowledge of what I was going to view behind those glass doors.

Buc-ee's was founded by Don Wasek and Arch Aplin in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1982. The name of the store is an amalgamation of Mr. Aplin's Labrador Retriever named Buck, Bucky the beaver which is the animated character from Ipana toothpaste and Beaver which is Mr. Aplin's childhood nickname. Mr. Aplin and Mr. Wasek have combined the best of a gas station, country store, diner and Bed Bath and Beyond for an awesome consumer experience.

The stores are bright, clean and teeming with formerly weary travelers that perk up once they pass the threshold into the world of Buc-ee's. It’s well-lit and bustling with employees. If they were like me, I was looking forward to seeing their wonderful rest rooms. Seriously, their bathrooms are incredible. No gray or white common public stalls in a Buc-ee’s. They are individual wooden rooms with a toilet, toilet paper, toilet bowl covers and a place for your bag. It sounds luxurious because it is. You have business to attend to and the personalized water closet is clean and wonderful. There is a dedicated team of Buc-ee's employees that keep every part of the bathroom spotless. You don't have to wonder if there is going to be toilet paper or paper towels, the personable employees take care of it all.

Buc-ee's has a large variety of food and merchandise. If you need to bring a main or side dish or a host, hostess or any occasion gift, Buc-ee's has you covered. They have a beef jerky station, which is a favorite of one of my friends. They have prepared food, candy, desserts, brisket or pulled pork by the pound plus plenty of drinks and ice for your coolers. I want to travel more and visit all the locations in the Southeast. See you soon Buc-ee's!

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