Book review: The Gospel of Afronomics Theology a/k/a G.O.A.T. by Minister Zumbi Y. Shawala

Carol Durant
The Gospel of Afronomics TheologyCarol Durant

It has been over a year since the book, The Gospel of Afronomics Theology also known as G.O.A.T. has been published by Minister Zumbi Y. Shawala, which is the audacious nom de plume by author Chris Johnson. The book was written for individuals and families toward changing their economic future. The reader will follow the principles in the book to change their financial circumstances. With over twenty-two years of research, Mr. Johnson's work has elements and principles from Malcolm X to Robert Kiyosaki.

Chris is a sagacious maverick always focusing on ways to inform and enlighten the African World Community. His nom de plume is steeped in African history. Zumbi is a storied leader of the Quilombo called Palmares which was a sanctuary for Africans that were formerly enslaved. Zumbi commanded the resistance in the 17th Century to end the African enslavement by the Dutch and Portuguese on their sugar plantations in Brazil. Shawala, a vocabulary word from the Xhosa tribe in Nigeria means confidant and expert.

Six months ago, gasoline prices were not climbing toward and passing five dollars. Grocery items have increased in price and decreased in size. Managing your income responsibly is tantamount. The Gospel of Afronomics Theology will inform and guide you on taking control of your spending and focusing on building wealth toward personal prosperity. Chris provides easily obtainable goals such as the Ten Percent Solution. He suggested saving ten cents of every dollar earned. Identify what you want to purchase with your savings and you will reach your ability to purchase this item with consistency and speed. G.O.A.T. is loaded with pictographs and lessons to create immediate impact and positive change. The book is easy to read and fosters internal and external dialogues for families and individuals.

Chris has appeared on numerous podcasts and groups of people have purchased and changed their financial floundering by reading his book. The Gospel of Afronomics Theology is available for purchase via and

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