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Carol Durant

Marcel for CongressCarol Durant

Mr. Gregg Marcel Dixon, a resident and teacher in Jasper County, South Carolina decided to launch a political campaign in the sixth Congressional district. He decided to primary an incumbent and challenger. The Democratic sixth district incumbent is Mr. Jim Clyburn. Jim Clyburn has helmed this predominantly black district for over thirty years. Mr. Dixon, nicknamed Marcel and his campaign was vibrant and informative. Marcel's presence on social media platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube was consistent and energetic. His campaign slogan, "Repair Black America to fix America" is curious and meaningful. It challenged the reader to research who Marcel is and what are the focal points of his campaign.

His "We Deserve Better" plan incorporated the main focal points of reparations, healthcare and transportation for the black community. Reparations for the black community for the enslavement period would finally be acknowledged and addressed. Reparations would provide specific black American citizens the ability to build, provide and change their communities for the betterment of all. Reparations have been previously delivered to the Indigenous Nations, Japanese internment camps survivors and Jewish internment camp survivors.

Marcel is a charter school teacher and fought to elevate public school education for all. Transportation is a major concern in his district. Most of the sixth Congressional district does not have access to public transportation. Most of the sixth district has healthcare challenges that would benefit from preventative measures with more access to healthcare providers. The lack of clean water also impacts the health of the citizenry.

Although he failed in winning the race against Clyburn and Michael Addison, Marcel has challenged the voters and supporters to participate, understand the issues and demand change. The change can occur from either side of the political aisle. The incumbents work for the voters. The challenger works for the votes. The voters in the 6th Congressional District are engaged and want concrete answers and viable plans. Thanks to you, your staff and volunteers. Mr. Gregg Marcel Dixon is keeping the lights on in South Carolina.

Mr. Duke Buckner is the Republican challenger to Mr. Jim Clyburn. They need to earn your vote. Stay focused.


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