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Opinion: Double parked cars are not safe

Carol Durant
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It seems that double parking is a new activity for plenty of people with cars in Albany, New York. I understand that some people do not want to pay for parking and they do not want to look for parking. They can't find coins, don’t have or choose to use their credit card to pay for parking. They might be driving a friend's vehicle and the driver doesn’t know the license plate. If it is during the week and prior to 4:00pm, some streets are chock full of parked cars because of the State workers and residential parking permits. Which means you may have to walk a couple of blocks to find a parking space and get back to your car. You would rather skip the exercise and double park; while you wait for your friend or family member to return to your vehicle. Their loved one is just to be gone for a couple of minutes, therefore, double parking to patronize a business is not a big deal. It is a huge deal!

Initially, cars would be double parked on thoroughfares such as Central Avenue, Madison Avenue and Clinton Avenue. Nowadays, If you drive around the city, dodging the potholes, you will see cars double parked on sections of Delaware Avenue, Second Avenue, New Scotland Avenue, Whitehall Road and Morton Avenue and plenty of side streets. I realize that we have too much true crime in the city, but if we can alleviate the overt concerns, we can tackle and eliminate the covert issues. Here is the link regarding the regulations for parking, standing and stopping

Where have you seen cars double parked in the City of Albany?

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