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The 2022 Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Awards show, better known as the Oscars, will be in person and televised on Sunday March 27th at 8:00pm. Which is daylight savings time on the east coast. It will be another festive event for the Hollywood elite to congratulate each other for films: that most citizens could not attend in a movie theater because of the pandemic, can not stream because they are not yet available, did not stream because they are not interested or do not care to ever watch these films. To add insult to the fans after the televised drive-thru version of the 2021 Academy Awards, some categories will not be televised live this year.

With the high price of gas, groceries, inflation and Putin, we all have too many real concerns other than watching the Academy Awards. Keeping the lights on, so the wi-fi is on for homework, work or job hunting is more important than watching another series of boring red carpet questions. I don't care who you are wearing, especially when the cost from that designer is the rest of the year's rent or mortgage payment for me and the majority of people in your community.

Here are some ideas to use as an alternative to watching the Oscars. If the ratings are lower than last year, maybe the elite will actually care about their audience, stop making cinematic detritus and hire some new people from around the country or the globe. I'm not a filmmaker, but let's negotiate.

1. Purchase and cook some Oscar Mayer weiners. Sing the song, eat some hot dogs with friends or family and have some fun.

2. Buy a book or watch a film by Oscar Micheaux. Pioneering black man in cinema

3. Watch the television series or the movie The Odd Couple by Neil Simon, Jack Klugman and Tony Randall or Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Classic

4. Listen to Academy Award Songs, Vol. 2: 12 Great Oscar Songs Album by Henry Mancini.

5. If you don't know who Henry Mancini is, watch The Pink Panther movies.

6. Watch the movies of the celebrities that have unfortunately passed this month or year. Most of the films will be a masterclass in acting, directing, cinematography, costumes etc.

7. Listen to songs that have Oscar in the lyrics on a music platform. I'm sure those artists will appreciate your patronage.

8. Go to your local library and check out a biography or autobiography about Hollywood or an actor/actress. Get your history on.

9. Plan lunch or dinner with your people. Watch a movie outside or go to a drive in (weather permitting)

10. Go for a walk, take a nap, call or facetime a friend or relative

11. #nottodayoscars #oscarseyesclosed #oscarsdontcare

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