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Carol Durant
Road surface fissureCarol Durant

We will have six more weeks of winter according to the scraggly groundhog. Many of us across the country have had a ton of actual snow or too many inches of sleet and freezing rain with or instead of snow. We are already sick of shoveling and ice picking; buying and tossing salt or other deicing solutions on our driveways and sidewalks. Loud applause to the public and private Plow people in keeping our streets safe. You need a raise.

A heinous byproduct of winter is the pothole. It is the acne of asphalt. It can be a surface nick that makes your car shudder. It can be a sinkhole ready to devour a tire and snap an axle. As a driver, you hope to visually spot the pothole before your tire enters the abyss. If you remember the game of Frogger, that is the same activity in the spot the pothole game. You hope that your glasses or contacts are clean or your 20/20 vision is hypersensitive. You have to weave your vehicle around these crevices, not cause an accident and not lose a tire. It is a stressful process toward arriving safely to your destination. If you drive on the same route, you will remember where the original potholes are and will seamlessly dodge them. It is that brand new pothole that adds to your angst in maneuvering. There seems to be less potholes on the interstate, but they exist.

What can you do about potholes? Pay attention as a driver and as a passenger. Report the location of the pothole to your local village, town, city, state municipality, departments of transportation or general services. Pull up the information on your phone, laptop or ask Siri or Alexa. We all play plenty of taxes to keep these roads paved and lined with proper signage. There is no need to receive damage to our wheels and ourselves, if we do our civic duty and report the pothole and it gets fixed. Thanks to all and stay safe.

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