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Office space converted to luxury apartments in downtown Albany

Carol Durant
90 State StreetCarol Durant

I just read that more apartments are for rent in downtown Albany. The address for these newly converted apartments is 90 State Street. This former savings bank building is at the corner of State Street and South Pearl Street. It is an art deco structure originally built in the 1930's and it is gorgeous. The whole building is not being converted, but fourteen new apartments will be available for rent on eleven floors. These brand new luxury rentals will be called Abraxas Apartments.

I checked out the floor plans and amenities on their website. They are gorgeous. I saw that sliding barn door and fell in love. Apartment sizes are studios, one and two bedrooms with additional living spaces and bathrooms. Some of the apartments are furnished with a set rental price. The standard lease is one year. You are able to arrange a short term lease for three or six months, which I suppose are geared toward our illustrious state legislature.The apartments have washer and dryers installed. The building has a 24 hour fitness center, security, a lounge for the residents and is pet friendly. You also have parking.

How can you make 90 State Street, your new home address? You need to have a minimum credit score of 600 and a gross monthly income that is three times over your monthly rent. Additionally, they will run a criminal background check. Section 8 and other housing vouchers are accepted but subject to income qualifications. There is an application fee. There are additional fees for pets and you will have to have renters insurance. The rental prices are higher than most mortgages in the city limits, but utilities plus internet, water, trash and sewer are included.

In perusing the website under local businesses, I see that it is not a comprehensive list; I have a couple of questions. Since when has this neighborhood been labeled the Historic District? Some bars and restaurants are listed and under a mile in proximity, but yet grocery stores are over a mile away? CVS Pharmacy is listed under grocery stores, but Family Dollar is not? Aldi is 1.5 miles away in Rensselaer and curiously not mentioned. Why is Albany Memorial Hospital not listed under medical? Hudson Valley Community College is not listed and they have an extension on Central Avenue in Albany?

Welcome to the new tenants at Abraxas Apartments. Enjoy all the reasons to wonder and ponder in Albany, New York.

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