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Carol Durant

popcorn bagsCarol Durant

I know you have noticed that the price of food has definitely increased in the last two years. Your recyclable bags may contain the same actual items, but have you noticed the difference in packaging. Next time you go to the store, stand in the aisle and get a visual on the packaging of your favorite items. You will notice that the fonts and colors have changed. Your favorite product might be on sale more often than usual. You have been enjoying eating it, but why are you buying more of it?

The weight of your item or items has changed. It is probably lighter but the price is higher. One of the easiest grocery store aisles to check out this latest slap in the face are on the cereal or snack shelves. Check out bagged popcorn. Most of the colors have increased in vibrancy, but the ounces have been modified. Why 6 3/4 ounces on the bag? Those cereal boxes have changed too. Check out the difference between regular size and family size. We the consumer are spending more and carrying less in our wallets and stomachs.

The link below highlights the last time that this phenomenon was noticeable which was in 2011. https://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/29/business/29shrink.html Here we are eleven years later with rising inflation, the Great resignation, rising fuel and utility prices. Oh, and a pandemic. I realize that there was a short industry disruption in 2020, but most of 2021 prior to the start of the Great Resignation, there was not an interruption in the distribution and delivery of food. Corporations are winning again. Is this another sign of capitalism and greed? Are we the citizens going to be resigned and complacent? How can we make it stop? Let me know.

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