Purpose instead of resolutions for 2022

Carol Durant

2022Carol Durant

It is a brand new year and you have another list of resolutions. If you have been keeping track of your resolutions from the previous year, are you able to check the box that these resolutions were successfully completed? You lost a substantial amount of weight, deep cleaned your domicile, got rid of old clothes, cleaned your car and all of the other items that were untouched, partially completed or forgotten. We have all been told that words matter. I think resolutions is the word that sabotages everyone. The last week of every year the mass media gives you a recap of the year. Politics, celebrity deaths and the economy are major categories that impact our lives. The past couple of years have been exceptionally difficult on the mind, body and soul, but we feel guilty to make a resolution list to fulfill in the new year.

I think we need to change resolution to purpose. Say purpose out loud. Really, say it quietly or loudly. Feel that push of air on the first letter p and by the next letter p the air glides toward the sound of the s. Purpose makes you feel like a warrior, conqueror or superhero. Make a purpose list with notes on your phone or with actual paper and a pen. Get rid of chipped dishes, buy a new coffee pot, donate old clothes, buy better shoes, call your friend. Put your fist in the air because you now have a purpose list. Success is imminent because purpose is powerful and actionable. It is all about you in 2022. Enjoy!

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