Opinion: A letter to Anthony Broadwater

Carol Durant

Dear Mr. Anthony Broadwater,

As another black man that has been added onto a long list of the exonerated, I salute you. You stood on your innocence for sixteen years as an incarcerated man. For sixteen years, your family and friends were without your physical presence but knew that you were wrongly convicted and chose to fight with you. Once released you were a convict who was still an innocent man. I hope you are enjoying your newly found freedom in the world outside of the invisible walls of being a convicted felon. We all need to continue to reevaluate our justice system

Please write a book or a few books about life and freedom. About being wrongly accused, being a black man in America, prison life and exoneration. A film or television series may be more apropos.
As painful as these thoughts would be, it would be therapeutic for you and your family.

Tissue boxCarol Durant

You would be able to generate wealth and opportunities that were impacted and stifled by your wrongful conviction and prison record. While thankfully you were not on death row, hopefully, you will be able to speak with fellow exonerated men to discuss your plights and how to create positive changes to end this particular type of suffering.

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Your grace and positivity is astonishing and admirable. I hope you experience all the joy and kindness that the world can deliver. All the best to you and your family.

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