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Borrow My TribeCarol Durant

What does a former world class bodybuilder, teacher, personal trainer, Reiki master, wife and mother add to her list of accomplishments? The answer is a newly published author. Meet Kassie Alnwick, her new book is entitled Borrow My Tribe: Women’s Wisdom from your Chosen Sisters. Mrs. Alnwick is also The Wicked Warrior. The Wicked Warrior is her aptly named superhero/heroine nature and spirituality. The name symbolizes her invincible strength and positivity in body, mind and spirit. She strives to assist you in turning up the gas, so your pilot light stays ignited and guides you towards your specific lighted pathway.

Kassie is a vivacious and spirited individual. She is a motivational speaker who has been on a mission towards personal enrichment throughout her life. She calls it inspirational roulette. Kassie has found pieces of positivity in conversations from people that she has encountered in her various careers, friends, mentors and books found in traditional book stores and antique shops. She posed a question to herself and her tribe: What book did you read that made or contributed to who you are today? Kassie read almost all of the books on the list. She has been applying, gathering and using all of this information towards inspiring herself and others. During her Reiki coursework, she learned about chakras and affirmations. She has been building a spiritual toolbox and wanted to impart this new wisdom to the masses. This intentional roulette is the foundation of Borrow My Tribe.

Her book starts with the cover. The title invites the reader to borrow Kassie’s tribe. There are people who are like minded and we will find other tribe members by reading this book. The cover is warm and supple, encouraging the reader to bond with it before opening the book and turning the page. Inside the covers, there are three main sections: Words of Wisdom, Affirmations and Spiritual Tools. There is a bonus section of lined journal pages to take notes and write your thoughts at the end of the book. The encouraging words have a pleasing font and spacing for ease of reading and pondering. It is a book as a lighthouse of words that provides direction for your life’s journey.

A great gift for any gender, Borrow My Tribe: Women’s Wisdom from your Chosen Sisters is available in paperback only via and can be ordered from your local bookstore.

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