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Carol Durant
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Overall, I am not really a big fan of taking a nap. Once I am up and out of bed, I am on the go. I'm making breakfast, deciding if its the bank, post office, farmers market or a super early grocery store run during the week or the weekend. All that thinking, driving, navigating and moving is exhausting, but I keep going until it's all done. I eat or drink something along the way. I should slow down and try to nap, but it seems wasteful.

Thanksgiving sets the table for premier napping. It is the one day where if you are the host, cook or chef, you've earned a nap and reward points for the next year. You frantically cleaned your domicile all week. You have been up at the crack of dawn, creating, stirring, time managing, greeting and serving family and friends. We appreciate all the hard work, the lovely smells and the plentiful views before active feasting. If you are an audience member with a fork in hand, you have earned that nap via intake. What do you eat first? I loaded up my plate and started with the dressing, turkey and cranberry sauce. Followed up with sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, butternut squash and a little salad. Two times in line and I was satiated. I was nap ready.

I had eyeballed my favorite spot, but had a plan b option, in case that beanbag chair was occupied. I initially landed the beanbag; but then natured called. The house rule is move your feet, lose your seat. Option B was a cozy love seat. I sat down and immediately hugged a pillow. The loveseat was warm from the former occupants and it embraced me like a long lost friend. I drifted away towards nap land with the smell of warming pumpkin pie and the whistle of a football referee. I ended up sleeping for forty-five minutes. I had a blanket placed on me from a kind soul and put a large dent in the pillow I was still hugging. I felt rejuvenated. I was refreshed and looking for a clean fork and plate to use on the second pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie. Thanks to Thanksgiving for another stellar napping experience.

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