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Carol Durant

When was the last time you were a passenger on Amtrak? I have never been a hobo, but riding the rails is fun. With the outrageous gas prices, I suggest you buy a ticket and ride. Here are some tips toward an enjoyable experience. Wear a mask. Bring an extra one, so you can swap them out. Did I say wear a mask? Yes, I did. Despite vaccination status, it is mandatory. It is an Amtrak policy and federal mandate. In the station and on the train, wear the mask at all times except if you are actively eating or drinking. Here is the link: https://www.amtrak.com/coronavirus. The seats seem bigger and are comfortable. I did not know about the new filtration system, but it was enjoyable. You can purchase a ticket using your favorite electronic device and your eTicket will be sent to your email. Bring your own snacks. Some of the morning trains do not have a dining car in service. Sometimes they run out of your favorite item, so why chance unhappiness? Same idea with a beverage, bring your own and be happy.

Amtrak personnel were convivial and professional .They patiently waited for me to increase my light and size of the eTicket QR code, so they could scan it and keep moving. They made the announcements over the loud speaker with the added bonus about wearing shoes at all times. No bare feet, no stocking feet, shoes only. Here's the link: https://www.amtrak.com/personal-safety.

Amtrak eTicketCarol Durant

As they were talking about the pinch points on the floor and how you could injure yourself, I got a little queasy. Little kids aside, you have to tell grown adults with or without hammertoes not to walk around barefoot or with socks in a public train car? I was thinking about the smell and wondering if I could visually discover a pinch point as I walked to the bathroom. It was clean. With plenty of toilet paper, soap and paper towels. There was an announcement not to throw trash in the toilet. Come on, people! We really have to do better as a society. I have to go buy some snacks for my trip home. Thanks again, Amtrak and see you soon.

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