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Carol Durant

What do you think about Facebook's name change? With the millions of words available in dictionaries and encyclopedias in book, digital and urban versions; the winning word for the name change is Metaverse? Bo-ring! You are going to change your business documents, online presence and smile at your press conference for that lame name?! Mr. Meta World Peace, has a cool vibe to his name which is missing in the Metaverse. Are you planning to sue them, Mr. Peace?

The logo looks like a limp blue hued infinity symbol. Sunglasses that Rocky Raccoon would wear on the beach. Did Mr. Zuckerberg drop a rubber band on the floor and created that genius design? It seems like a low key dig to the Winklevoss twins. Unless there is a secret and supercool logo backstory, I'm yawning loudly.

I have a few questions for you. Will you miss Facebook, the word and platform as it exists today? Do I want to be apart of the Metaverse? Do you? Metaverse sounds like something that was blindly rescued from the no pile in the writer’s room at Marvel or DC. What’s going to happen when the change occurs? Will we have a uniform to buy, wear frames, masks or shawls as part of the Metaverse? Will an individual be able to opt out of the Metaverse? Are there options to be a citizen, hero, heroine or villain? Or will you be assigned? How will this new world impact Instagram? I think I better start researching new platforms.

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I must have been asleep on a bench at Jennings Landing because I missed the original memorandum. A brand new economic development plan is ready to be initialized in downtown Albany in 2022. It is called the Clinton Market. It will be located across from the Palace Theater and next to the Federal Building, which is situated between North Pearl Street, Wilson Street and Broadway. Currently, it is a deserted empty space, which will soon become a focal point for all local and out of town inhabitants to enjoy. According to the press release, it will have pop up shops, an outdoor stage, fountains and seating for all to sip, luxuriate and adore. There are renderings available, so you can view the forthcoming jubilance of the space in the day and at night. https://capitalizealbany.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/CapitalizeAlbany-Clinton-Market-Collective-Final-Design-Press-Release-12.11.21.pdf As another jewel in the crown of local economic development, this venture will connect the Clinton Avenue neighborhood to the new Albany Skyway park which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/albany-skyway-construction-16582543.php Data, research, studies, calls to action and money are components necessary to create change. It would be appreciated by the taxpayers, if the ideologues in this city would stop going to Manhattan and Brooklyn to look for the answers towards making Albany great again.

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