Opinion: Sell it, donate it or throw it out

Carol Durant

I am of a certain age, let's use the term vintage. Yesterday, I was running errands driving on an irregular route. I passed a building which I thought was a new plaza, but it's actually a brand new storage facility. It's an impressive edifice to house our extra stuff. Not too long ago, the only place you could store items was at your local or national moving company. Back in the day, no one had too many items in their house or garage. Furniture and clothes were probably hand me downs from your grandparents or other relatives. Someone in the family was a woodworker or seamstress and made your extra items. Dad was at work and mom was at home. Stores closed at 5:00pm, four channels on a black and white, soon to be color television. We bartered or traded, but we had just enough.

Some states and communities have people moving in daily and weekly for plenty of reasons. The storage spaces are definitely welcomed and used to near capacity. Most communities are not experiencing an influx of people. I don't know what the census has to say, but you know what is going on in your area. The quantity of new people is not that drastic, but there are plenty of new storage places for them to peruse.

These storage places look nicer than some public and private apartment complexes. They are temperature controlled with various sizes and multi levels. Your extra clothes, teddy bears and cd collection exist in luxury, while there is rampant homelessness and low income families who would appreciate your unused goods. Sell it online or have a sidewalk or garage sale. Donate it to a theatre organization or a second hand store (I told you I was vintage) and hopefully that action will help you out during tax season. Otherwise, dispose of it. Get rid your extra stuff and that monthly bill.

backpackCarol Durant

Use that extra cash at the grocery store or the gas pump.

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