Opinion: Change is really good

Carol Durant

It is one of my new mottos. It is part of my new world view where adaptation and pivoting are foundation blocks. It's a side step and flip from the "Greed is Good" mantra uttered by the infamous Gordon Gekko played by the talented Michael Douglas in the film, Wall Street. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVxYOQS6ggk

Change is an activity with a side salad of emotion tied to your level of comfort. If I eat too many cookies, my stomach will full of cookie dust and sugar and I'll feel discomfort. If I change cookies to carrots, I'll have a different outcome because I changed my option. I might have mild discomfort from all the vitamins and the organic sugar, but I didn't overeat the carrots. I stopped because of the excess chewing, taste or I became satiated quicker. I made the change to a healthier option and I benefited from it.

Are you working in a toxic environment that is making you physically, mentally and emotionally miserable? Is your paycheck worth your daily misery? This negativity is probably seeping into other aspects of your life. Do you need to paint a wall, clean your house or apartment? Sit and think about it. You might need to make a drastic change. Work hard to change your outlook and it will change your perspective. A different workplace or a vacation in your immediate future?

changeCarol Durant

Enroll in online classes towards a new career. If the next set of sentences that came to your mind had the words: but, well or because followed by can't or won't. You definitely need a change. Add positivity to your life's recipe.

Here are some sentences that keep you miserable and immobilized: But that is crazy talk, I can't move now. Well, that's a nice idea, but I don't have any money right now. I can't think about that right now. It won't work, it's a dumb idea. This is the only thing I know how to do. Those aforementioned sentences are draining the life force out of you. Delete them from your mind. When is the last time you genuinely smiled? When were you at peace? Change your attitude, add goals and positivity into your life's recipe.

Time is of the essence. Join this new club. Change is really good.

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