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Are you checking the region to find out which gas station has the cheapest price? It's a great idea except if you are low on gas and the gas station is further than you would like to drive to fill up your tank. Once you get there, you are going to wait in a long line; hoping that the person in front of you is not going to be a giant PITA (pain in the a**) and salty language will probably be exchanged. You will have to turn your car off to save gas, so you don't run out before you get to the pump. Is it worth the hassle to save a few cents? The answers are yes and no. It is up to the individual to figure it out. The biggest question is why are gas prices ridiculously high? Isn't there someone out in an OPEC nation that can hook us up? I have to plan where I'm going for the day prior to leaving the house. Groceries have to be purchased and what errands can be accomplished, so I don't have to go back out. I know I could support my local restaurants by ordering takeout or receive delivery from the grocery store. I don't want to pay the extra surcharges. I guess it is true, we all have got to pay to play.

Is the ultimate plan to force everyone to buy and drive an electric vehicle to save the environment? What happens to all of the gas powered vehicles? A used car lot or junk yard of gas powered vehicles that only Bezos can afford to drive? I don't want Mother Earth to start coughing from the gas fumes or the cows, but there are not enough electric vehicle charging stations in this state. I have had that personal driving experience and it wasn't a hoot. Call your local, state and federal politico and get some answers; before this high gas price ripple effect turns into a tidal wave and the majority of us, don't have a lifeboat.

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