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Lincoln Park refreshed

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I drove by Lincoln Park today. I was in awe of all of the construction and how the grass from my viewpoint was all gone. If you live in Albany, you definitely have memories of your time at Lincoln Park. I remember the first time I saw it and wondered why it was shaped like a toilet bowl. Sledding down the hill was awesome and walking up to do it again was exciting. It was cold and fun. After the fifth or sixth time, you were tired and over it. The first time you played baseball or softball as a kid and the last time as an adult. You might have learned to play soccer in the park or was a spectator for the aforementioned sports. Those super hot days, the pool was welcomed relief, even though it was packed with people from around the city. University at Albany used to have concerts in Lincoln Park. It was crazy fun seeing famous bands like The Spin Doctors and dozens of local bands in the summer.

Now the park is torn up. It is a large construction project that is supposed to correct environmental issues that will keep the mighty Hudson River clean.

Once the pipes are in, there will be new soil and grass for the pristine sports fields and newly paved roads. there will be new lights and signage. There will be new basketball courts across Eagle Street. The usage of the new Lincoln Park should rise exponentially. I look forward to seeing the results of this beautification project.

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