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Carol Durant

Well, November is coming on strong and our civic duty is upon us. It's called voting. With the myriad of colored political signs littering street corners and country road sides silently yelling at you to vote for a particular candidate; it is annoying but part of adulting.

If you are not a voter, it's okay to exercise your right not to participate.
VoteCarol Durant

Use this option while it still exists. For those of you who do vote, I am asking you try something different this year. Vote for the others. Find out what they stand for and vote for them. I know this sounds crazy. You probably have the following phrases ringing in your head, "I have always voted for this party, since I was able to vote or decided to vote or was instructed to vote. I like him, her, they and I told them I would give them my vote. My spouse or partner is running, I have to vote for them." Here is the deal. There could be two candidates vying for a seat due to term limits. It could be incumbents that have failed or are failing to remember who they work for which happens to be me, you, she, he, them and they a/k/a We the people. After you have stopped passing out or eating Halloween candy for the night; that instance would be a great time to check out all of the candidates. You have the opportunity to make a big change in your town, village, hamlet, city or state. Some of these politicians have actually done nothing for you, but because you saw them at the barbecue two months ago, they have your vote. Double check everyone, change your mind and vote for someone else. It will feel strange at first, but just like learning how to use your new smartphone, you will learn to love it. The incumbent or favorite candidate may ultimately still win, but instead of winning by hundreds or thousands of votes; they won by one vote. As the song says, "Make them hear you."

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