Halloween Candy discounts on the way, YES!

Carol Durant

Large size or fun size candy is going on sale this weekend and not at full price. Yes! It is going to be at my favorite price, discounted! The bigger the percentage off, the better. I am gleeful to see any percent. The ultimate discount would be ninety percent. I don't think I have ever seen a ninety percent off sign on candy. I'm pretty sure the highest percentage that I've seen is seventy-five percent off. Oh, wait, I think I have seen a ninety percent off sign; if the store is going out of business. Of course, the candy is sold out.

Are you going to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy? I stay out of the big box stores because they have plenty of room to have aisles of clearance which means smaller discounts. Space is at a premium at smaller stores, so they have to have a deep discount on the candy, so it will be moved off of the shelves and into your bag after purchase. Do you leave the candy out to eat,

candyCarol Durant

daily? I do leave a couple of pieces out. Every time I open a piece and taste that goodness, I do a victory lap. I put the bulk of the candy in the freezer. You know the drill; freeze it and forget it. You then get a surprise treat when you randomly go into the freezer to get food for the next week's dinner preparation and look at me, smiling at a frozen fun sized piece of heaven. Well, I'm going to finish eating last year's candy, since they have finally thawed and plan my route for tomorrow to refill with this year's discounted loot. Drive carefully.

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