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No excuses: exercising got easier!
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"I should go for a walk and exercise more," your inner voice might tell you quite often.
"But I can't. I have meetings and lots of work to do," the voice of consciousness ringing in your ears. "I guess I will exercise whenever I have some time off."

And what if walking and working don't have to mutually exclude each other? And what if you could start using app to conduct your meetings during your walks and let the app transcribe everything for you and your team members? And what if you're a writer like me and you could walk and write at the same time using the app to dictate your thoughts since we know that exercising outdoors can improve our creativity and productivity?

Features of app

"Otter's transcription AI technology is built to get smarter and better understand your conversations over time - applying speaker identification, custom vocabulary, and advanced summary so you can work and collaborate smarter." - Website description

Instead of fearing AI technology, we can simply use it to enhance our lives and make exercise a constant in our lives. We can also use it to maximize our time and not be stuck indoors so much when we can enjoy being outdoors and moving around, for we are born to be active.

According to Kimerer L LaMothe Ph.D., in her article Are Humans "Born to Move" published in Psychology Today, "the human bodily selves are born to move, but they are not born to move in one particular way, pattern, or environment. Humans are a capacity to sense and respond to the movements that move them in ways that promote their own ongoing movement. Exercising this kinetic creativity is not only exceptionally useful, but it also generates feelings of well-being."

The exciting and reassuring part is that we could be out for a walk and the app can act as our most accurate assistant:

"Otter has your back - empowering you with real-time, accurate notes that are stored in one central, secure, and searchable place so you and your team can be more engaged, collaborative, and productive." - Website description

Multitasking with app

I am proud to say that my discovery of this app came this weekend after scrolling through IG (I didn't waste time on social media; I learned a productivity hack that I can implement right away and share with the world), where I saw Zibby Owens post about her discovery of app. Zibby Owens is the author of Bookends: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Literature and the podcast host of Moms don't have time to read books. Another author Ingrid Fetell Lee responded to her post and said that she liked using the app because it is free. Needless to say, I immediately downloaded the app so that I can apply Zibby's new productivity hack and thank her for it.

This perfect multitasking tool came at the most propitious time when I was thinking that I really need to write because I have been running 70 miles a week for the last two weeks in preparation for the Berlin Marathon on September 25th. In my case, I made running a priority, as I have a big race ahead, and I pushed writing to the side till I found some time. And although I wrote this article by sitting down at my computer, I can't wait to use the new app that is already installed on my iPhone while exercising. I am also going to recommend the app to my teenage kids for them to use in certain meetings, or wherever recording is allowed.

Do you have any productivity hacks that you would like to share? Please reply to this article.

Meanwhile, let's all walk more and sit less. We are meant to move.

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