Dreamsicle Blonde Beer review : The Orange and Vanilla Dream

Carlos Elizondo

Dreamsicle Blonde from The Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company

Dreamsicle Orange and Vanilla BlondePhoto by Carlos Elizondo

When it comes to beer, there are hundreds upon hundreds of selections to choose from. It can be exceedingly easy to get overwhelmed, which can lead people to shy away from trying out something new. This is a real shame to say the least. Luckily, the great folks at The Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company have just the brew to satisfy a craving and a lust for something a little more experimental. The Dreamsicle Orange and Vanilla Blonde is not your typical blonde. Instead, this blonde will take your taste buds on an extraordinary ride. If you have been wanting to spread your wings in the taste department, this brew is a great place to start.

This light-bodied blonde is refreshingly crisp with bright orange citrus. These citrusy notes that resonate on your tongue along with the smoothness of the vanilla flavors really come together with every sip. This beer has great aromatics and the distinct orange flavor takes center stage on your palate. Don't let this blonde fool you into thinking it doesn't hold its own in the booziness department. Sitting pretty at a crisp 5.9%, it's alcohol by volume content is no slouch.

Overall, I had a great time with this beer. I'm a Texas Native and I can vouch that the weather here is scorching a good 90% of the time. The Dreamsicle Orange and Vanilla Blonde is a great cookout beer and undeniably has the ability to cool you down on those sweltering days. This brew also delivered a great sense of nostalgia by bringing back the memories of eating a creamy orange ice pop with my family on hot summer afternoons. Even when it's not miserably hot outside, I have found myself enjoying this particular brew when I'm craving something a little sweet, a little tangy and a little creamy. Ultimately, I have found that The Dreamsicle Orange and Vanilla Blonde is a great beer to have around for all occasions. I have to say that this brew is undoubtedly on my top five list for beers. If you have not already done so by now, get out there and give this one a try!

As always please drink responsibly.

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