The latest treasure find at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park

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The latest large diamond find was on March 4, 2023, a 3.29-carat brown diamond.

Nestled in the heart of Arkansas, the Crater of Diamonds State Park is a unique gem that allows visitors to hunt for precious stones, including diamonds. As the only diamond-producing site in the world open to the public, this extraordinary park attracts thousands of visitors each year who dream of unearthing a valuable treasure. This article will explore the park’s history, operational structure, and recent diamond discoveries.


The story of Crater of Diamonds State Park began in 1906 when a local farmer, John Huddleston, discovered two diamonds on the surface of his land. This discovery sparked a “diamond rush,” with prospectors flocking to the area searching for their fortune. In 1952, the property was sold to the state of Arkansas, which established the Crater of Diamonds State Park, officially opening it to the public in 1972.

How It Works

Visitors to the park are provided with various tools, such as shovels, screens, and buckets, to search for diamonds within the park’s 37.5-acre plowed field, the eroded surface of an ancient volcanic crater. The park operates on a “finders, keepers” policy, meaning that any diamonds or other gemstones discovered by visitors are theirs to keep, regardless of their value.

Aside from diamonds, visitors can also find a variety of other minerals, including amethyst, jasper, and quartz. The park offers educational programs and exhibits to teach visitors about the geology of the area, as well as tips on how to search for diamonds effectively.

Recent Diamond Finds

Over the years, many impressive diamonds have been dug up or discovered at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. Here are just a few discoveries:

1. In September 2021, a 4.38-carat yellow diamond was found by a visitor from Oklahoma. The diamond was named “The BamMam Diamond” after the finder’s two children, and it is one of the largest yellow diamonds discovered in the park.

2. In June 2021, a 2.20-carat brown diamond was discovered by a visitor from Arkansas. Dubbed the “Nona J Diamond,” this impressive find was the largest diamond discovered in the park during that year.

3. In October 2020, a visitor unearthed a 4.49-carat yellow diamond, which she named “The Canaan Diamond” after her son. The diamond is the largest gemstone found at the park since 2017.

The Crater of Diamonds State Park offers an unparalleled experience for visitors, combining the thrill of treasure hunting with the beauty of the Arkansas landscape. With its rich history and the tantalizing prospect of unearthing a rare gem, this extraordinary park continues to captivate people's imaginations worldwide.

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