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Spring vegetable planting guide for Kansas City, Missouri: What to grow and when

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If you're new to gardening or just want to try growing vegetables for the first time, this guide is for you. In Kansas City, Missouri, we have a long growing season that starts in early April and extends into October. That means there are lots of opportunities to grow a variety of vegetables.

To get started, you'll need to choose a location for your garden. If you have the space, you can create a garden bed by clearing an area of grass and tilling the soil. You can also use raised beds or containers. Or all of the above! You'll also need to make sure the area gets at least six hours of sunlight each day.

Once you've chosen a location, it's time to start planning what vegetables you want to grow. Some vegetables, like tomatoes and peppers, are warm-weather crops and need to be planted when the weather is warm. Others, like lettuce and kale, are cool-weather crops and can be planted in early spring or late summer.

No matter what vegetables you pick to plant, it's important to read the seed packet or plant tag before planting. This will give you information on how deep to plant the seeds or seedlings, how far apart to space them, and when to expect them to germinate. If you want more help in spacing your seeds or plants, here is a great guide.

If you're not sure what vegetables to grow, here are some suggestions for Kansas City:

  • Tomatoes: Plant tomatoes in late April or early May.
  • Peppers: Plant peppers in late April or early May.
  • Lettuce: Plant lettuce in early April, late August, or September.
  • Kale: Plant kale in early April, late August, or September.
  • Radishes: Plant radishes in early April or late August.
  • Beans: Plant beans in mid-May.
  • Squash: Plant squash in mid-May.
  • Cucumbers: Plant cucumbers in mid-May.
  • Herbs: Plant herbs in early April, May, or September.

Now that you know what vegetables to grow and when to plant them, it's time to get started on your garden! Kansas City is a great place to grow a variety of vegetables, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Happy planting!

What other vegetables would you suggest growing in Kansas City? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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