Tallahassee, FL

In 1995 I felt a strange pull to Rennes le Chateau and an obsession with the mystery of the Holy Grail and the life of Esu, most call "Jesus". My research to find the truth of course only left me faced with deeper mysteries. I studied Buddhism and psychology in college and in 1997 after an extended studies trip in Nepal I had a deep spiritual awakening that changed my life. Also I became fascinated with ancient architecture and the mysterious symbolism connecting all religions. After years of research and traveling the world I discovered the true meaning of Christ and the Holy Grail are far from what main stream religion and science would have the world believe. I found the hidden meaning of salvation and the extent to which the world rulers have gone to hide this truth for profit and control. I wrote a book called Infinit I- The Hidden Meaning of Christ and the Holy Grail and wish to share it's contents and much more of my findings in my articles here at Newsbreak.