Raising awareness one minute at a time on A Mystic's Drift in Societal Whoas series. Offering advice to people in a Dear Abby way on Ask Honey. The occasional prodding and probing of circumstance on The Amateur Sleuth (new). Having worked in helping professions for approximately 9 years and giving advice to about 400 people, then doing my own personal spiritual sabbatical for another 9 years now is the time to put the two worlds together (writing and helping) for a broader audience. I have been writing seriously since 2005. My first novels were published in 2012, 2013 and a book of poems followed in 2015. I have poems formerly published in Library of Congress editions, World Poetry Movement, Great Poets of America. You can also find my work on Wordpress, Notes From Caeli's Well, Realistic Poetry International and a new occasional writer of fiction short stories online plus amazon. A Spiritualist primarily I love the written form. Currently working on my next book releases, novels, I am virtually bursting with ideas for the three above-mentioned articles which I introduce to you through News Break with the occasional surprise article.