Cheeku, the hamster is an adorable pet

My friend was moving cities and he sent his pet hamster to my home. Initially, I was a little worried if I could take care of another pet. But Cheeku the hamster is such an adorable and low maintenance pet. He cleans himself after meals and does his business in one particular spot only. And I am so glad I adopted Cheeku. Hamsters are nocturnal animals and are only active at night. So they are perfect pets for office-going youngsters.

Hamsters love nuts, fruits, and spinning in their wheel. But be aware, as they don’t eat citrus fruits and chocolates. Give them lettuce, cabbage, carrots and they will be happy.

One day, Cheeku jumped from the table and went inside our blanket to sleep with us. He is so cute and does all sorts of fun stuff. He is truly a stress buster for all of us.

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