It is pets day everyday at Petco.

I always take my dog Candie to Petco for all her grooming and luxury needs. Sometimes when I don’t have the time to trim her nails or give her a nice bubbly bath, I rely only on Petco. She has become friendly with the groomers there, and that helps them do their job well. All their staff are well mannered, friendly and give good advice on taking care of Labradors like Candie. I even get advice on what food products should I give to my Candie. I take her once a month to this place along with a neighbor's dog. The best part is she looks forward to spending at least half an hour at this place and comes out pampered like a princess. The store even has pet supplies so you can shop while your doggie gets a bath.

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I love to travel and find various experiences for me and my pet. Apart from my pet, I love gardening and crafting. I travel around the city to find interesting spots that quench my love for pets and crafts.

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