6 Awesome Family Camp Vacations Ideas and Their Benefits

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Are you looking for awesome family camp vacations? No matter where you live in the United States or beyond, you are going to find these camp vacations for the whole family perfect for your vacation wants! With these family camp vacations, you’ll find opportunities for fun outdoor activities, water activities, and so much more! These vacations are a way to make lifelong family memories for your family to remember forever. 

The various activities that you’ll find to do while on camp vacations, no matter the age group of the family members that are along for the adventure. No matter where you are located, I’d be willing to bet that you are surrounded by an outdoor nature oasis. There are great things about many different types of outdoor environments. You have so many options for what type of things you can do! You can book rustic cabins to stay in (for those of us who like to have a private bathroom), you can go tent camping, you can book a yurt, or you can do some serious glamping! So many options!

6 Awesome Family Camp Vacations Ideas and Their Benefits

Find a Family Summer Camp at a Private Lake

​Some private lakes offer family summer camps! These camps are kind of like kids’ summer camps that you may have visited as a kid. Even if this will be your first time visiting a summer camp, you are going to love it! You’ll find fun activities like nature hikes, scavenger hunts, horseback rides, and so much more fun for the entire family.

Rent a Yurt at a Campground

If you want to camp, but you aren’t ready to actually “camp,” renting a yurt at a campground is a great option for you! These campgrounds often have clubhouses with board games as well as playgrounds and sometimes even swimming pools and hot tubs. 

If you can find a campground near a slow-moving river or lake, you can likely even go kayaking or paddle boarding! Our family loves doing both and often look for campgrounds with a beautiful lake nearby for this reason. (This is the kayak we use).

Find a KOA Campground

KOA campgrounds are great for family camp vacations. Some of the KOA campgrounds near me have exciting activities available such as tennis courts, miniature golf, disc golf, a climbing wall, water jumping pillows and so much more! 

Find a State Campground

State campgrounds are awesome for family activities! They often have miles of trails available for mountain biking, junior ranger programs, lots of opportunities for self-guided activities and so many more opportunities for family time. 

campfirePhoto byCandi Carey

Sites in state or county ran campgrounds typically have everything you need! You find you have your own fire ring, picnic table, and space for a tent or RV. 

Rent Your Own Private Cabin in the Woods 

Check our VRBO and Airbnb and rent your own private cabin! We recently did this for a family camp vacation and it was amazing! Our cabin was surrounded by a pine forest and had amazing lake views. Our nights were spent sitting outside at night around the fire pit and enjoyed spending time together. We are all counting down the days until our next trip!

Look for Luxury Hotels in an Outdoor Oasis

Not into camping? There are many luxury hotels located near some of the greatest outdoor destinations in the world! You can have your own private room, delicious meals, and whatever else you want while still being near the great outdoors. 

Benefits of Family Camp Vacations

Family camp vacations offer numerous benefits for families looking to bond, create lasting memories, and enjoy recreational activities together. Here are some of the key benefits:

Strengthening Family Bonds 

Family camp vacations provide a unique opportunity for family members to spend quality time together away from the distractions of daily life. By engaging in shared experiences, families can strengthen their bonds, deepen their relationships, and enhance their understanding of one another.

Creating Lasting Memories

Family camp vacations often involve a range of exciting and memorable activities such as hiking, swimming, canoeing, campfire storytelling, and more. These shared experiences create lasting memories that family members can reminisce about for years to come.

Disconnecting from Technology

Many family camps encourage participants to disconnect from electronic devices and embrace the natural environment. By limiting screen time and focusing on outdoor activities, families can foster meaningful connections and engage in face-to-face interactions.

Learning New Skills

Family camps offer opportunities for both children and adults to learn new skills or engage in activities they might not have tried before. These can include outdoor adventures like rock climbing, fishing, archery, or team-building exercises, allowing family members to develop new talents and discover shared interests.

Encouraging Physical Activity

Family camp vacations often involve a variety of physical activities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Engaging in outdoor adventures, sports, and games together encourages physical fitness, improves coordination, and promotes overall well-being.

Enhancing Problem-Solving and Cooperation

Many camp activities require teamwork and collaboration, such as building a campfire, setting up tents, or completing group challenges. By working together, families can develop problem-solving skills, improve communication, and learn the value of cooperation.

Building Confidence and Independence

Family camp vacations offer a supportive environment for family members to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. This can boost confidence levels, enhance self-esteem, and encourage a sense of independence in both children and adults.

Connecting with Nature

pond in naturePhoto byCandi Carey

Family camp vacations often take place in beautiful natural settings, providing an opportunity for families to connect with nature. Spending time outdoors, exploring forests, lakes, and mountains can cultivate an appreciation for the environment and foster a sense of environmental stewardship.

Socializing and Building Friendships

Family camps bring together families from different backgrounds and provide opportunities for socializing and building friendships. Children can meet and interact with peers, while parents can connect with other adults, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Reducing Stress and Promoting Relaxation

Family camp vacations offer a break from the demands and stresses of daily life. They provide an opportunity for relaxation, rejuvenation, and enjoying leisure time with loved ones, creating a positive impact on mental well-being.

Overall, family camp vacations combine adventure, fun, and togetherness, offering a range of benefits that contribute to stronger family relationships, personal growth, and enjoyable shared experiences.

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