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Amherst Environmental Center Invites You to Join a New Climate Change Action Series

Camilo Díaz

If you were to ask yourself what the biggest issues facing humanity are these days, the list is sure to go on and on. Everywhere you turn, there seems to be more societal, economic, and political unrest. And even these monumentous issues pale in comparison to the extinction-level threat that is climate change. It can be exhausting and depressing, especially when it feels like you have no control over any of it. But the good news is, you are not alone. The Hitchcock Center for the Environment invites you to join their new Climate Action Series!

What Is the Hitchcock Center for the Environment?

The Hitchcock Center is an environmental education center located in Amherst, Massachusetts. Through its educational programs, the center seeks to connect children and adults with nature and to encourage a deeper emotional bond with the natural world.

The Center helps develop a community that understands connections among human health, ecosystems and economies through educational programs that offer a particular focus on children, who live in a world of environmental challenges."
- The Hitchcock Center's Official Website

What is the Climate Action Series?

Though the Hitchcock center does focus largely on educating children, their new Climate action series is an adult engagement program. Critical Community issues will be addressed through fireside chats, practical workshops, and deliberative forums. The goal is to bring people together as a community and region to tackle the insurmountable foe of climate change.

At this point, you might be thinking something along the lines of, "But what good will that really do?" It's a fair question. Certainly, this small community-based group won't solve the issue of climate change overnight or even in a year. But it's a first step that you can actually take. And it's a necessary step that must be taken if we are to have any hope of preserving our planet.

Increased public discourse is a critical precursor for action."
- The Hitchcock Center's Official Website

Climate Action Series Schedule of Events

Nov. 2nd, Wednesday (6pm – 8pm) Workshop 1 - Sustainable Habits of Mind: Playing the Swordfish Game – How our Mental Models get in the Way of Change

Nov. 9th, Wednesday (6pm – 8pm) Fireside Chat 1 - Building Hope: Telling the Stories of Creative Problem Solving

Nov. 17th, Thursday (6pm – 8pm) Workshop 2 – Practicing Creative Problem Solving through Design Challenges – Rain Water Capture Challenge, Come play, create and work together just as our students do!

Dec. 1st, Thursday (6pm – 8pm) Fireside Chat 2 - Nature Runs on Sunlight – Energy Cycles in Nature – Come for inspirational stories and conversation about how we can learn from nature about our own potential for more efficient systems. There will be a short program followed by conversation around a fire, enjoying the beauty of a crisp evening with hot beverages and hearty nibbles.

Dec. 8th, Thursday (5:30 pm: Arrival & Snacks) (6 pm - 8 pm: Forum) Community Forum 1 - Net Zero: How Do We Get There?

*All programs will be available for a Sliding Scale of $15- $50 or Suggested Donation.

You can register here.

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