Come See the Extra Fluffy Penguins For Limited Time Only

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If you live in Massachusetts, there is a good chance you have been to the New England Aquarium at least once in your life. The two things that will almost certainly come to your mind when thinking about this aquarium are the enormous spiraling tank in the middle and the penguins under it! While anyone would tell you the Giant Ocean Tank is impressive, the penguin colony surrounding it is frequently far more entertaining. The penguin exhibit, containing 150,000 gallons of water and over 60 penguins, is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Which Species of Penguins Live at the Aquarium?

Two different species of penguins call the New England Aquarium their home. The larger of the two is the African penguin. Fun Fact; These penguins are sometimes known as jackass penguins due to the fact that they make sounds very similar to a donkey's bray. The second group is the Southern rockhopper penguin. These smaller penguins have a distinctive crest of spiky yellow feathers above their eyes.

Why Are the Extra Fluffy Penguins 'Limited Time Only'?

By this point in the article, you may be asking yourself 'what about the "Extra Fluffy Penguins" from the title?' The answer to that is simple and horrifying sounding. The rockhopper penguins are extra fluffy because they are currently going through a catastrophic molt! Now before you fill the comments with complaints, this is, in actuality, a normal and completely harmless occurrence.

"Once a year for about 2-3 weeks, penguins bulk up + shed all of their feathers at once. Since they can't go swimming while they are molting (because they are not waterproof during the process!), they gain weight and live off of their *extra* bulk until they are done molting." - The New England Aquarium's Facebook Page

How Can I See the Penguins?

The first, and most obvious way, you can see these penguins is by getting a ticket to the aquarium. However, this would need to happen very soon, as the molting process only lasts two to three weeks. Tickets can be purchased here.

Another option will allow you to view the African penguins much sooner! Simply click here, and you can access the New England Aquarium's penguin exhibit webcam. Check out the Giant Ocean Tank webcam while you are at it!

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